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706 Building Permits Issued For 6 Months In Lagos – Fashola

Lagos Governor__Babatunde_FasholaLAGOS – Governor Babatunde Fashola of Lagos State said that the State Government has issued no fewer than 706 building permits, between January and June this year.

U.S Online Magazine blasts Mariah Carey for performing in Nigeria

Unbelievable. Can’t believe some of the things these people write. US gossip site Radar Online yesterday scolded Mariah Carey in an article posted on their site, saying she shouldn’t have accepted to do a gig in a country known for ‘terror, death and fraud’. What nonsense, they can talk when the US is the number one crime capital of the world. Read the Radar Online article below…

Mariah Carey proudly posted a pic of herself in a slinky yellow dress and wrote, “Backstage in Nigeria” on Saturday. But maybe the songbird should have done some homework before agreeing to the gig?

Her show was at Access Bank’s Christmas Party which was also a farewell bash for the bank’s managing director. And while Access Bank is a reputable financial institution, should Carey have known a few basics about the African nation before taking the paycheck?

Ironically — given that she was performing for bankers — it seems Carey wasn’t aware Nigeria is well-known as the center of the world’s email financial crimes! Nigeria is even part of the name — as in “Nigerian 411 Scams.”

Nigeria is also, according to the United Nations, the hub of human trafficking as “a source, destination and transit country.

AND, just for good measure, there are mass killings going on in two Nigerian states right now, and according to Human Rights Watch, the violence is being ignored by federal authorities.

“Systemic corruption in the Nigeria Police Force” is the problem, a HRW spokesperson told CNN.

Carey isn’t the first performer who has taken a paycheck for appearing in countries known for terror, death and fraud.

HURIWATo Gov Chime: Apologise To Your Wife Now, Of Face The Consequence

clara_chime_0Enugu State Governor Sullivan Chime has been given 21 days by the Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria, HURIWA, during which he is expected to apologize to his estranged wife, Clara, or face a legal action.

How we plan to insure mobile money deposit – Ibrahim, NDIC boss

NDIC-MD-285x275More than two years after mobile banking was licensed in the country, it seems the regime is yet to resonate with the vast majority of Nigerians as little or close to nothing is heard about its operations.  A plethora of issues ranging from technical glitches to the failure of the operators and the telecom companies to iron out their differences are said to be responsible for this state of affairs.

NCC slam N1.2 bn fine on MTN, others

Executive-Vice-Chairman-NCC-Eugene-Juwah-360x268Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has handed four major telecommunication operators a fine of N1.2

Okorocha: “Why I Dumped APGA For APC”, PDP Now In Disarray

> Vows To Recruit 50,000 Youths In 2014Imo-State-Governor-Owelle-Rochas-OkorochaGovernor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State has given reasons for dumping the All Progressives Grand Alliance(APGA) for the All Progressives Congress(APC), saying the party is ethnic-based.

Northern Are Ready To Go; We Are Tired Of Being Called Parasites – By Dr. Peregrino Brimah


We the north of Nigeria are ready for a separation process which will either involve regionalism or total disintegration.

On the topic, Sagir Aliyu said: Yes, I’m in support of BREAK UP. Because most Nigerian minds are full of hatred, sentiments, ethnicity, religious differences and tribalism. Some are calling for revolution, but instead of loosing lives and property; let the romance end. Also if the 2015 election will result to loss of lives and property, the romance should end before then, Please!

Idris Musa also commented on the subject: Break up is long overdue. Why can some have freedom to perform their religious rites while some are deprived? I can’t remain at home on Fridays like Christians do Sundays, Marital dossiers is only emphasized for only one wife & four children. Economically, we are considered parasites because they refused to revamp agriculture. They refused to explore oil deposits in more than five places in my region. Let us break so that we have fresh air.

Musa Maiunguwa: I beg it’s long overdue! Let’s break up anyhow regardless of the consequences. I want to be governed by ISLAMIC LAW not this Infidel system of government. I hate to be governed by DRUNKARDS.

These comments were the prevalent type of response from Northerners on facebook to my earlier article on the subject, “Nigeria: Do We Need To Break This Up?”

A majority of northern masses are now making this call as situations keep deteriorating in the nation and undeserved ethnic insults and ethnic torment has become the order of the day from certain quarters in Nigeria. Additionally, it appears that Nigeria as formatted and the perceived disenfranchisement of certain aspects of the South, justify and subject us and Nigeria as a whole to a most terrible regime that is unable to secure life in the north and yield for us the social, economic and developmental dividends of democracy; as poverty reigns at its highest level in the north which is unfairly economically disadvantaged.

Today, Nigeria has 100 million poor, however there is an uneven distribution of the poverty with the South doing more favorably, whereas the north suffers the most with its level of poor as high as 80% living under a dollar a day in many states, this compares to the south that has levels from 20-50%. This level of poverty in the north exceeds the level in neighboring Mali, Chad and Niger, all sharing the northern ecological and cultural demographics.

Trading blame as to who and what military and civilian dictatorial and usurpist regime caused this high level of poverty is puerile, meaningless and disingenuous; and it contributes nothing towards addressing the real and present epic crisis. Also, asserting that because northern dictators have ruled the nation for 60% of its independent life over 40% Southern rule is meaningless and does not solve the deadly poverty situation.

The ordinary masses are suffering. We gain absolutely nothing from Nigeria’s oil, apart from what we buy of it at the pumps at a price above the global mean, and rather we suffer from oppression and terror as a consequence of, and thanks to bloody oil money. Only the cabal enjoy from the current state of Nigeria. Let it be known that the voices of many so-called northern leaders, which are obviously the loudest, do not represent the sentiments of us suffering masses, wrecked with poverty and lack of opportunity. These ‘northern elders’ are part of a national cabal that exploits and extorts the nation. These cabal obviously have no honest interest in our region as can clearly be seen by their lack of investment in the north, building all their factories in the South. We the real people of the north are eager for autonomy of our region. This is our position.

The landlocked north is clearly disadvantaged. None of the regimes provided the transportation networks to link the north to Nigeria’s ports as would have been the basic and smallest requirement to re-establish a northern economy.

Our agriculture industry has been left to decay. Our textile industry has been completely abandoned, as we suffer from the ‘curse’ of oil and the illusion of Nigeria’s wealth from a mono-economy, which has satisfied and favored only a set of greedy cabal without regional distinction, north, east, west or south.
We see regionalism with the plan of possible disintegration as an urgent next best step towards a northern cultural and economic awakening.

Many of us across Nigeria now agree that military dictator; Aguiyi Ironsi made an error on 24 May 1966, when he released Decree No. 34 which dissolved the regions. Excerpt: “The provisions of the Decree are intended to remove the last vestiges of the intense regionalism of the recent past, and to produce that cohesion in the governmental structure which is so necessary in achieving, and maintaining the paramount objective of the National Military government, and indeed of every true Nigerian, namely, national unity. The highlights of this Decree are as follows: The former regions are abolished, and Nigeria grouped into a number of territorial areas called provinces. . . . Nigeria ceases to be what has been described as a federation. It now becomes simply the Republic of Nigeria.”

We hope Nigerians in South territories share our sentiments and will be happy to peacefully and respectfully discuss modalities of separation into economically independent regions which will test and pave a path for emotional, marital, economical, military and other national related changes and challenges necessary for possible separation in the future.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah
http://ENDS.ng [Every Nigerian Do Something]
Email: drbrimah@ends.ng Twitter: @EveryNigerian

FAO: 842m people are undernourished globally from 2011-13

• Global hunger down, but millions still chronically hungry

• 842 million people undernourished in 2011-13 

• Developing nations make progress but more efforts needed to reach MDG targetfeedinghungry2-300x225

Nigeria’s Mobile telecom operators: Prospering In A Perfect Storm

MTN-OFFICEA perfect storm is an expression that describes a situation where a rare combination of circumstances aggravates a situation drastically. The Nigerian telecommunications industry is currently heading towards a perfect storm.

Why We Need to Pass Petroleum Industry Bill

Nigeria's Oil Minister Alison-Madueke talks to reporters at the start of an OPEC oil ministers meeting in ViennaTHE inconclusive journey of the Petroleum Industry Bill, PIB, began in 2000 when concerns about more transparent management of the oil and gas sector resulted in the bill. It has remained controversial since then.

Ecobank Capital Raise $500m Facility for Orion Oil Ltd

ecobank-logoEcobank Capital, the investment banking arm of the Ecobank Group at the weekend disclosed it recently raised $500 million for Orion Oil Limited.

Dana airlines to commence operations soon

dana-airlineDana Airlines may soon resume normal operations, as the audit of its operations by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, NCAA, in the wake of last year’s crash has been concluded.

Tukur To PDP Critics: Remove Me And Make Jonathan vulnerable

a94d97e2a9ac3a3c4125cce9355fe555The National Chairman of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, Alhaji Bamanga Tukur, has said that those calling for his removal are plotting to make President Goodluck Jonathan vulnerable.

Dangote Sugar to employ 150,000 Nigerians

aliko-dangote-forbesMr. Graham Clark on behalf of the President, Dangote Group, Alhaji Aliko Dangote has said he will create 150,000 jobs at its new sugar plantations located in Sokoto, Kebbi, Jigawa, Taraba, Kogi and Kwara states.

How Stephen Oronsaye And his friends stole N6.2bn pension fund – EFCC

Mr.-Stephen-OronsayeThe Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has grilled a former Head of Service, Mr. Stephen Oronsaye, over his alleged involvement in the diversion of N6.2bn pension fund.

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