Chioma: Definition of a true African woman


Popular Nigerian artist David Adedji Adeleke, popularly known as Davido, got married to his longtime fiancee Chioma Avril Rowland on June 25, 2024, in a high-class wedding in Lagos, Nigeria.

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The event, which was graced by prestigious individuals, politicians, traditional rulers, entertainers, and many others, would remain the talk of town for a time to come. Their love story remains one of the most captivating relationships in the entertainment industry due to the various challenges the couple has faced over the years.

Chioma and Davido’s relationship came into the limelight around 2017, garnering attention nationwide. Their chemistry was undeniable, and Davido’s affection for Chioma was evident. In 2018, he released a hit single titled “Assurance,” dedicated to her, assuring her of his love for her.

This song was received as a public declaration of his commitment to her, and it further placed Chioma’s place in the hearts of many as Davido’s beloved.

Despite their seemingly perfect relationship, the challenges that come with fame bring with them a lot of pressure. Their relationship was often in the limelight, and every move they made was watched and sometimes criticised. This scrutiny only intensified because Davido had fathered children with other women before and during their relationship, raising the issue of infidelity and painting Chioma as nothing but a trophy girlfriend.

Like many other celebrities, Davido has two children from two different women. In 2015, he welcomed his first child, Imade, with Sophie Momodu. Sophie and Davido had so many challenges, but unlike Chioma, who kept her inner affairs and relationship from the prying eyes of the media, Sophie sought attention and faux sympathy, preferring to drag her child’s father online. In stark contrast, Chioma maintained her composure and dignity, choosing to stay away from social media drama even when she was dragged into it and her image tarnished.

Many times, several scandals revolve around Davido, both locally and internationally. Chioma remained unshakeable at the judging fingers that were pointed at her over the years. Ladies named Chioma ‘understanding girlfriend’, a name to not only demean but also mock her.

The nation was thrown into a frenzy in October 2019 when Chioma and Davido welcomed their first child together, a son named Ifeanyi. It seemed like their family was complete, even though many mocked her by saying she was only a baby mama like others who Davido would never marry. Tragically, in October 2022, Ifeanyi passed away, leaving the young parents in immense grief. The loss was devastating, and it brought unimaginable grief to Chioma and Davido. During this period, rumours and speculations circulated, questions were asked, fingers pointed, but Chioma’s strength and resilience, even as a young bereaved mother, shone through as she mourned privately, away from the prying eyes of social media. Never once granting an interview or talking about her grief for the world to hear and judge.

In May 2023, the nation rejoiced as the pair welcomed twins, a symbol of new beginnings and hope. The birth of the twins brought happiness back into their lives. Chioma’s loyalty and unwavering support for Davido during their darkest times earned her immense respect and admiration. Throughout their relationship, Chioma portrayed the true qualities of a true African woman. She showed her loyalty to Davido, and despite the various scandals and humiliations she faced, her strength has been nothing short of remarkable. She chose to remain patient, respecting the African cultural values of loyalty and resilience, further proving to the world that her love supersedes his imperfection. In this era where women are quick to set up ring lights and cameras, Chioma’s decision to stay off social media, even when her name was being dragged through the mud, showed her strength and commitment to her family.

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Compared to Sophie, who values public opinion, she takes to social media to express her grievances, dragging his name through the mud while tarnishing his image as an irresponsible father. Or which good woman would reject a house worth over N200 million but prefer to get paid monthly just because she bore him a child? Sohphie’s several antics and tantrums only served to showcase Chioma’s grace and maturity in handling her personal affairs. While Sophie used social media as a platform for confrontation, Chioma used silence and dignity as her tools. Chioma’s journey with Davido shows the virtues of patience and loyalty that are often celebrated in African culture. She has been a symbol of the saying that there are no perfect men, but with patience and understanding, relationships can endure and thrive. Today, Chioma is celebrated not just as Davido’s partner but as a woman who embodies the strength and resilience of African women. Her story is one of triumph, showing that true love and patience can lead to a happy ending.

Chioma’s transition from being publicly humiliated to becoming a celebrated figure is a powerful narrative of patience and the true essence of being a supportive partner. She is a shining example of how African women can navigate love and life with grace and dignity. Many women want to be Chioma but are ingrained with a feminist narrative that men and women are equal, seeking perfection in men, forgetting that all men are the same across the world. Ignoring the major lesson to be learned, patience and forgiveness are virtues of a true African woman. Chioma and Davido’s relationship is a modern-day African love story that proves that traditionally oriented women, who are virtuous, submissive, and have learned to keep affairs from the world, will continue to win over modern-day feminists.

Maxwell Adeyemi Adeleye, a Strategic Communications Expert and Real Estate Broker, writes from London, United Kingdom. He can be reached via

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