Abia, Imo Governments Proactively Guard Against Cholera Outbreaks


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Umuahia, July 7, 2024 – The Governments of Abia and Imo States in the South-East region have initiated proactive measures independently to safeguard their territories from the current cholera outbreaks affecting several parts of Nigeria.

According to a survey conducted by correspondents in both states, there have been no confirmed cases of cholera reported, indicating a clean bill of health as far as the disease is concerned.

In Abia State, Dr. Ifeyinwa Ume-Kalu, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health, assured that proactive steps have been taken to prevent any outbreak. She emphasized the importance of maintaining sanitary conditions and ensuring access to clean water as critical measures against cholera.

Similarly, Dr. Orie Agomoh, the Director of Public Health and Disease Control, reiterated the ministry’s vigilance despite recording no confirmed cases. Agomoh emphasized the ongoing surveillance and readiness to respond swiftly if any suspected cases arise.

The state government advised residents to practice proper hygiene, including hand-washing, safe food handling, and avoiding roadside foods and untreated water to mitigate the risk of cholera.

In Imo State, Mr. Austin Okeji, the Acting Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health, reported that although there have been over 30 suspected cases, all tests for cholera have returned negative. He underscored ongoing efforts in risk communication and sensitization campaigns to educate the public on preventive measures.

Okeji urged residents to prioritize hygiene practices, including proper hand-washing and safe food preparation, to prevent potential outbreaks. He also emphasized the importance of boiling water before consumption and avoiding contaminated sources.

Both states emphasized the collaboration between government agencies, healthcare providers, and community organizations to ensure comprehensive preventive measures against cholera, underscoring the importance of public cooperation in maintaining a cholera-free environment.

For emergency inquiries, residents were provided with contact information to report any suspected cases promptly, ensuring swift response and containment efforts by health authorities.

By Naija247news
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