Baby Born with Two Penises but No Anus in Rare Medical Phenomenon


A baby boy in Pakistan has been born with two functioning penises but no anus, a rare condition known as diphallia. This phenomenon is extraordinarily uncommon, with only 100 cases documented in medical literature since the first recorded instance in 1609.

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The boy’s penises are “normal-shaped,” according to doctors, though one is 1 cm larger than the other. The case was detailed in a medical journal, and it was reported that the boy could urinate from both penises.

After his birth at 36 weeks, the boy was taken to the Children’s Hospital at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences. Doctors discovered he had no anal opening but had two well-formed penises, one measuring 1.5 cm and the other 2.5 cm. Despite the lack of an anus, doctors created an opening via a colostomy to allow him to pass stool.

The boy had a single bladder connected to two urethras, enabling him to pass urine from both penises. Surgeons performed a procedure to divert one end of his colon to an opening in the lower left side of his abdomen for defecation.

The boy was monitored for two days post-surgery before being discharged, with a follow-up appointment scheduled. The exact cause of diphallia is unknown, and it is believed to occur by chance during genital development in the womb. Patients with diphallia may have either complete or partial forms of the condition, depending on the development of the penises.

By Naija247news
By Naija247news
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