Prisons dismisses 1 Controller, retires 3 over misconduct


June 29, 2024.

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Azonuchechi Chukwu.

The Nigerian Correctional Service (NCoS) has dismissed four of its personnel, including a senior officer at the level of Controller of Corrections. This decision was taken to uphold high standards of discipline and professionalism within the Service.

Service Spokesman, ACC Abubakar Umar, stated that the NCoS had reviewed various cases of unprofessional conduct, wrongdoing, improper behaviour, and serious misconduct among its personnel. As a result, three staff members, including a Controller of Corrections, were dismissed.

The misconducts include gross negligence of duty, absence without leave, trafficking illicit items, general inefficiency, and falsification of results, among other offences.

The federal agency said in a statement;

“In a letter issued by the Civil Defence, Correctional, Fire, and Immigration Services Board CDCFIB, a total of 20 personnel were discharged and acquitted of the various offences which they were accused of; while one officer who was previously suspended was reinstated after the review exercise.

“Also, a total of three personnel were compulsorily retired, six personnel had their ranks reduced, while 13 personnel attracted either verbal or plain warning.

“These sanctions are in line with the zero tolerance on staff misconducts, a cardinal mantra of the Controller General of Corrections, Haliru Nababa FICMC, MFR, mni, and targeted towards ridding the Service of unscrupulous elements and misfits, to improve professionalism as well as to entrench discipline, ethics and excellence in its officers and men.

“The Service has the onerous mandate of keeping custody of the legally interned in a safe and humane condition as well as reforming, rehabilitating and reintegrating them back to the society as responsible citizens. In order to meet these mandates, the Service ensures that it cleanses personnel of bad eggs as well as unprofessionalism that may setback or slow down the achievement of these important national mandates.

“The Service hereby assures the members of the general public of its resolve to secure all custodial and non-custodial facilities, and engender true correctional practice in conformity with international best correctional practices. The general public is also requested to support the Nigerian Correctional Service in its efforts towards effective offenders’ management so as to promote public safety and national security in general”.(

Chukwu Azochukwu, The Naija247news
Chukwu Azochukwu, The Naija247news
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