Western Arms Arrive at Ukraine Front Lines, Easing Pressure


DONETSK REGION, Ukraine, June 25 (Reuters) – After months of political delays in Washington, Western supplies of artillery shells have finally reached Ukrainian units on the front lines, providing much-needed relief to forces facing outnumbered Russian troops along the 1,000-km (600-mile) front.

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At an artillery unit in Donetsk region, pivotal in halting Russian advances, Ukrainian forces have resumed firing their M-109 self-propelled howitzers with renewed vigor.

“We used to face severe ammunition shortages, impacting our ability to support infantry effectively,” explained unit commander Vasyl, 46. “Now, with fresh supplies, there’s no more ‘shell hunger,’ and our operations are running smoothly.”

The demand for artillery rounds surged following Russia’s invasion in February 2022, exhausting Kyiv’s supplies and prompting urgent deliveries from Western allies. The recent approval of a $61 billion aid package by the U.S. Congress has facilitated the arrival of new supplies.

Despite the influx of ammunition, challenges persist. Gunner Oleh, 39, highlighted the ongoing struggle due to depleted manpower, exacerbated by delayed mobilization efforts.

“We are severely understaffed. We don’t even have half the personnel we need,” Oleh lamented.

In contrast, Vasyl remains optimistic, confident in Ukraine’s resilience against Russian aggression.

“Putin’s diplomatic efforts with China and North Korea won’t deter us. We will prevail,” Vasyl declared. “Ukraine’s spirit will overcome all challenges, no matter the cost.”

As Ukraine continues its defense, bolstered by Western support, the conflict in Eastern Europe remains a critical focal point amid international geopolitical tensions.

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