Nigerian Embassy and Senegalese NGO rescue 24 Nigerian Girls from Sexual Exploitation


June 24, 2024.

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Azonuchechi Chukwu.

The Nigerian Embassy in Dakar, in partnership with a Senegalese NGO, has successfully rescued 24 Nigerian girls from sexual exploitation in the Tamaccounda and Kedougou regions of Senegal. The joint effort has been hailed as a triumph in the fight against human trafficking.

The acting Ambassador of the Nigerian Embassy in Dakar, Salihu Abubakar, disclosed the details of the rescue operation to the News Agency of Nigeria on Sunday. He explained that the victims, aged between 11 and 24, were predominantly underage girls trafficked to Senegal through Cotonou, Benin Republic, via the Mali-Senegal border.

“These girls and many more are being trafficked to Senegal through Cotonou, Benin Republic via Mali to the Senegal border for prostitution,” Abubakar stated.

Preliminary investigations revealed that most of the girls and women were school dropouts from Edo and Delta states, with a few others hailing from Imo, Abia, and two from Plateau. Abubakar confirmed that 22 of the 24 girls had been repatriated weeks earlier, while the remaining two safely returned to Nigeria on Saturday.

While details regarding the health status of the victims and the duration of their exploitation were not disclosed, Abubakar emphasized the importance of the international cooperation that led to the successful rescue and repatriation of the girls. He highlighted the collaborative effort with “Free the Slaves” (La Lumiere in French), a Senegalese NGO dedicated to combating human trafficking.

“Our main goal and number one priority is to discourage the trafficking of our Nigerian girls to any part of the world for prostitution under any guise,” Abubakar asserted.

The operation underscores the ongoing commitment of both the Nigerian Embassy and international partners in addressing and eradicating human trafficking, ensuring that vulnerable individuals are protected from exploitation and safely returned to their home countries.(

Chukwu Azochukwu, The Naija247news
Chukwu Azochukwu, The Naija247news
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