Multipolarity Championed by BRICS ‘Works in Africa’s Interests’, Pundit Says


Africa Gains Assertiveness as a Unified Bloc in Global Geopolitics, Expert Observes

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In a recent UN Security Council debate focusing on enhancing African nations’ role in global security and development, the deputy permanent representative of Russia urged global attention to Africa’s longstanding underrepresentation.

Chido Mutangadura-Yeswa, Senior Fellow at the UN University-Centre for Policy Research, described this as “a very interesting geopolitical moment” where Africa is increasingly assertive as a unified bloc.

“African countries are diversifying their partnerships, not only with BRICS nations but also strengthening intra-African relations,” Mutangadura-Yeswa explained, highlighting a significant shift towards sustainable solutions for the continent’s economic challenges.

She emphasized the vulnerability of African economies to the fluctuating US dollar, noting its impact on financial stability across the region.

Discussing recent developments between Russia and Tanzania, Mutangadura-Yeswa cited a new agreement facilitating direct flights and expanded port access, underscoring growing bilateral ties beyond traditional spheres.

Mutangadura-Yeswa also noted Russia’s historical support for Africa’s decolonization movement, which continues to foster a positive relationship characterized​⬤

David Okafor
David Okafor
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