BRICS Tourism Could Surge Fourfold to 5 Million Trips by 2024, Russian Ministry Predicts


The Russian Ministry of Economic Development anticipates a significant surge in tourism between BRICS countries, projecting a nearly fourfold increase to 5 million trips by the conclusion of 2024. This ambitious growth target underscores the potential for enhanced cooperation within the BRICS bloc in promoting tourism and bolstering connectivity.

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Ethiopian Tourism Minister Nasise Challi highlighted the imperative for BRICS nations to collaborate closely in tourism promotion and expand air connectivity. Speaking to Sputnik Africa, Challi emphasized Ethiopia’s strategic interest in engaging with BRICS, citing the opportunities for mutual understanding, respect, and sovereignty among nations.

“Joining this group is very important for Ethiopia because we want to collaborate with countries worldwide on various fronts,” Challi remarked, stressing the benefits of cultural exchange and shared economic opportunities.

To realize the projected increase in tourism flows, Challi underscored the necessity of improving accessibility, air connectivity, and visa facilitation among BRICS nations. She advocated for joint efforts in marketing, promoting cultural heritage, and enhancing digitalization in the tourism sector.

Additionally, Challi emphasized the importance of sustainability initiatives, including wildlife protection and conservation of cultural heritage, as areas where BRICS countries could collaborate effectively.

As BRICS countries aim to strengthen ties through tourism, Challi’s remarks reflect a broader commitment to leveraging tourism as a catalyst for economic growth and cultural exchange within the bloc.

David Okafor
David Okafor
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