U.S. approves $360 million arms sale to Taiwan amid rising tensions with China


TAIPEI, June 19 (Reuters) – The U.S. State Department has approved a potential arms sale to Taiwan, including drones and missiles, valued at approximately $360 million, according to the Pentagon’s Defense Security Cooperation Agency.

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Despite the absence of formal diplomatic ties, the United States is legally obligated to provide Taiwan, which China claims as its territory, with defensive capabilities. This support continues to provoke strong objections from Beijing. Recently, China has intensified its military pressure on Taiwan, exemplified by war games conducted around the island last month following the inauguration of Lai Ching-te as president.

The Pentagon agency stated, “The sale will help improve the security of the recipient and assist in maintaining political stability, military balance, and economic progress in the region.” The package includes Switchblade 300 anti-personnel and anti-armor loitering munitions, valued at approximately $60.2 million, and ALTIUS 600M-V drones, estimated at $300 million. Loitering munitions are small guided missiles capable of circling a target area until they are directed to attack.

In response, Taiwan’s defense ministry expressed gratitude, particularly acknowledging U.S. efforts to expedite arms sales to the island, which has faced repeated delays in deliveries.

“In the face of the Chinese communists’ frequent military operations around Taiwan, these U.S.-approved arms sales will enhance our real-time detection and strike capabilities, enabling swift responses to enemy threats,” the ministry said in a statement.

The ministry emphasized that peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait require goodwill from China, urging the People’s Liberation Army to cease its aggressive military actions and contribute to regional stability.

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