French Far-Right Leader Bardella Rejects Non-Absolute Majority Prime Ministership


PARIS, June 19 (Reuters) – Jordan Bardella, leader of France’s far-right National Rally (RN), declared he would decline the role of prime minister if his party fails to secure an absolute majority in the upcoming parliamentary elections. Opinion polls suggest RN, known for its eurosceptic and anti-immigration stance, may emerge victorious in the June 30 and July 7 elections, prompted by President Emmanuel Macron’s dissolution of parliament earlier this month.

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Despite favorable polling, achieving the absolute majority necessary to govern independently appears uncertain for Bardella’s RN. Bardella, the RN’s choice for prime minister over longtime leader Marine Le Pen, affirmed his stance on France 2 TV, stating, “If tomorrow I find myself in a position to be appointed to Matignon (prime minister’s office) and do not have an absolute majority because the French have not given it to me, I will refuse to be appointed.”

Addressing reporters, Bardella emphasized the need for an absolute majority to enact substantive change, stressing that a prime minister with only a relative majority would lack the mandate to effect meaningful policy shifts.

Macron’s centrist party has governed as a minority since losing its absolute majority two years ago, a situation that could prove challenging if repeated. Polls suggest a potential parliamentary split among the far right, Macron’s centrist bloc, and a left-wing alliance, complicating governance scenarios.

Under the French constitution, while the president appoints the prime minister, Macron faces flexibility in his choice should RN secure a plurality but not an absolute majority. This could involve offering the prime ministership to the second-largest party or attempting to forge a coalition among mainstream factions, a prospect fraught with potential political gridlock.

Analysts warn of the risk of political paralysis given the constitutional prohibition against new parliamentary elections within a year, underscoring the critical juncture facing French politics as it navigates potential shifts in power dynamics and policy directions.

This electoral cycle could redefine France’s political landscape, influencing not only domestic policies but also its stance within the European Union amid broader geopolitical shifts and challenges.

Emman Tochi
Emman Tochi
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