Former APC North West Vice Chairman Resigns, Citing Lack of Internal Democracy


Salihu Lukman, the former National Vice Chairman (North West) of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has tendered his resignation from the ruling party. Lukman announced his decision in a statement titled “APC and The Future of Nigerian Democracy: Letter to Selected APC Leaders,” issued in Abuja on Wednesday.

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In his statement, Lukman expressed disillusionment with the APC leadership, citing the party’s failure to uphold internal democracy and implement necessary reforms. He emphasized that his decision to resign stemmed from his belief that his membership within the party had become ineffectual.

“While it would have been preferable to remain within the APC to advocate for internal reforms that align with its founding principles, this possibility appears increasingly remote,” Lukman remarked.

The former APC NWC member disclosed his intention to collaborate with like-minded Nigerians who prioritize the advancement and preservation of democracy in the nation.

“I have therefore returned to the grassroots to collaborate with committed Nigerians who share my vision for the survival and advancement of democracy in Nigeria,” Lukman affirmed.

Regarding his future political affiliation ahead of the 2027 elections, Lukman did not specify the party he intends to join. However, he underscored the necessity for a robust democracy supported by functional political parties in Nigeria.

“We must continue to cultivate our democracy to ensure that elected officials at all levels remain accountable to the people,” Lukman stated. He expressed confidence in the potential for Nigeria to achieve a governance structure that significantly improves the lives of its citizens.

While acknowledging that his decision might not align with the views of all party leaders, Lukman expressed optimism about eventual unity among stakeholders committed to the development of Nigerian democracy.

The resignation of Salihu Lukman underscores ongoing challenges within the APC and raises questions about the party’s ability to foster internal cohesion and adhere to democratic principles.

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