Nigeria Open to Single Six-Year Term for President and Governors if Nigerians Support It


The Nigerian Senate has stated that it will back the proposal for a single six-year term for the president and governors only if it aligns with the popular will of Nigerians.

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Senate spokesperson, Senator Yemi Adaramodu, emphasized this stance on Saturday in Abuja during an interview with journalists.

Last week, 35 members of the House of Representatives, under the group Reformed-minded Legislators, proposed the single term idea, suggesting it would help reduce governance costs. Responding to this proposal, Senator Adaramodu asserted that the National Assembly would maintain a neutral stance.

“The Senate has no opinion. The Senate is just a center to aggregate the opinions of Nigerians,” Adaramodu stated. “When they come from towns, villages, hamlets, metropolitan, cosmopolitan regions, and states that ‘this is what they want’ and we aggregate it, that’s where the Senate will go.”

In addition, Adaramodu, who serves as the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Media and Public Affairs, addressed rumors about a supposed plan by the Senate to include a clause for the seizure of state and local council funds in the proposed New Minimum Wage Bill.

Adaramodu dismissed these reports as baseless, clarifying that the Senate cannot take a stance on a bill that has not yet been submitted for review.

“Mr. President in his national broadcast on Democracy Day only informed Nigerians that he would soon send the New Minimum Wage Bill to us,” Adaramodu explained. “No one among us, not even the Senate President, knows the content of the Bill. How can we take a position on a document that we haven’t even sighted?”

He further clarified, “During my interface with some journalists, I did not at any point state that the allocations belonging to states and local governments will be seized. Nigeria is a federation, with sub-national governments that are autonomous. The misleading headline by the newspaper that allocations belonging to states and local councils will be seized is false and should be disregarded.”

This clarification aims to dispel any misconceptions and reaffirm the Senate’s commitment to accurately representing the will and interests of the Nigerian people.

Charles Akpeji
Charles Akpeji
Charles Akpeji has over 20 years experience in journalism and he is Naija247news Taraba Correspondent. He lives and works from Jalingo, the state capital.

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