Lagos-Calabar Coastal Road: Maintain 2006 Gazetted Alignment, Okun Ajah Residents Urge Tinubu, Umahi


Okun Ajah Residents Urge Tinubu, Umahi to Maintain 2006 Gazetted Alignment for Coastal Highway

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Indigenes and residents of Okun Ajah in Eti Osa Local Government Area of Lagos State have passionately appealed to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Minister of Works, David Umahi, to uphold the 2006 gazetted alignment of the Lagos Calabar Coastal Highway passing through their community.

The community expressed strong opposition to the recent announcement by Minister Umahi regarding the rerouting of the coastal road in Okun Ajah. Residents condemned the proposed diversion, labeling it as unjust to those who had complied with and built within the original alignment specified in the gazette.

Yussuf Odunuga, an indigene of Okun Ajah, emphasized the historical adherence to the coastal road alignment since its gazetting in 2006 under former Governor Bola Tinubu, now President of Nigeria. “There has been a clear understanding of the coastal road’s alignment in our community,” Odunuga stated. “It is unfair that some residents who followed due process with valid government documents now face displacement due to the proposed rerouting.”

Kazeem Shittu, a member of the Baale in Council of Okun Ajah, appealed for adherence to the original alignment, stressing that it would foster peace and unity within the community. “Returning to the 2006 gazetted alignment of the coastal road will prevent unnecessary tensions and ensure justice for all affected parties,” Shittu urged.

Similarly, Akogun Saeed Olukosi called on Minister Umahi to reconsider the rerouting decision, emphasizing the prior consensus reached during stakeholders’ meetings at Eko Hotel. “Changing the route now disregards the agreements made and disrupts the lives of law-abiding citizens who expected the road to follow the approved alignment,” Olukosi lamented.

Ajigbotosho Oluwasegun, a property owner in Okun Ajah, underscored the importance of due process in urban planning. “I followed all necessary procedures and confirmed the coastal road’s alignment before constructing my house,” Oluwasegun affirmed. “It is crucial for the Minister to ensure that the road aligns with the gazetted portion, respecting the rights of law-abiding residents.”

The community remains hopeful that their appeals will prompt a reconsideration by the authorities, advocating for the preservation of the 2006 gazetted alignment to avoid further disruptions and uphold justice in urban development.

Residents of Okun Ajah have urged President Bola Tinubu and Minister David Umahi to maintain the 2006 gazetted alignment for the Lagos Calabar Coastal Highway in their community. They criticize the proposed rerouting as unjust to law-abiding residents who acquired properties following approved procedures. The community emphasizes the need for the government to adhere to prior agreements and ensure the road’s alignment respects legal boundaries, fostering peace and justice in urban development.

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