Pope Francis Hosts Global Comedians at Vatican, Praises Power of Laughter



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Pope Francis welcomed over 100 comedians from around the world, including luminaries like Jimmy Fallon, Chris Rock, and Whoopi Goldberg, to the Vatican in Rome for a cultural event aimed at celebrating the role of comedy in bringing joy and unity to society.

Addressing the gathering of 107 comedians representing 15 countries, Pope Francis lauded their ability to spread serenity and smiles in a world grappling with numerous social and personal challenges. “You unite people because laughter is contagious,” the pontiff remarked, underscoring the comedians’ unique capacity to foster a sense of community through humor.

The meeting, which took place just hours before Pope Francis departed for the G7 summit in Puglia, marked a recognition of the cultural significance of comedy. During the audience, Pope Francis affirmed the comedians’ role in society, including their ability to humorously approach topics, even those touching on religious themes, without offending believers’ religious sentiments.

Among the celebrities present were Jimmy Fallon, spotted playfully engaging with the audience before the formal proceedings began, prompting a gentle reminder to take his seat as the pope’s arrival neared. Other prominent figures included Chris Rock, Silvio Orlando from Italy, and British actor-comedian Stephen Merchant. Whoopi Goldberg, renowned for her role in “Sister Act,” and Julia Louis-Dreyfus from “Veep” were also in attendance.

The cultural event at the Vatican preceded Pope Francis’s participation in the G7 summit, marking the first time a leader of the Catholic Church has attended the gathering of the world’s largest advanced economies. The pope’s engagement at the summit focused on advocating for global regulation of artificial intelligence, citing its potential threats to ethics and human rights.

Reflecting on the current state of global communication, Pope Francis expressed concern over its tendency to sow conflict, contrasting it with the comedians’ ability to bridge diverse perspectives and realities through laughter. “How much we need to learn from you,” he added, acknowledging the comedians’ role in fostering understanding amidst societal tensions.

Following the audience, Pope Francis briefly met with each comedian, exchanging words and sharing moments of camaraderie. Reflecting on his interaction with the pontiff, late-night host Conan O’Brien humorously noted, “It was quick… he spoke in Italian, so I’m not quite sure what was said,” emphasizing the brevity of the exchanges but expressing appreciation for the experience.

The event highlighted the pope’s commitment to engaging with cultural figures and promoting dialogue on issues ranging from social cohesion to technological ethics, underscoring his role as a global advocate for peace and understanding in a complex world.

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