Four US Teachers Injured in Stabbing Incident in China


Four American teachers participating in an exchange program in north-eastern China were stabbed on Monday, as confirmed by officials from both China and the US. The teachers, in Jilin city for a partnership between Beihua University and Cornell College in Iowa, were attacked in a public park near Beihua’s campus.

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Video footage posted on social media showed three victims on the ground, bleeding and attempting to call for help as bystanders gathered. The attack comes during a period of strained US-China relations, despite efforts by Chinese President Xi Jinping to improve ties through cultural exchanges. Discussions and footage of the incident were censored on Chinese platforms, a common practice for sensitive issues.

Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Lin Jian stated that police consider the attack an isolated incident and that an investigation is ongoing. The injured teachers were promptly taken to the hospital and are not in critical condition. Lin emphasized China’s commitment to ensuring the safety of foreigners, stating the incident would not impact future US-China exchanges.

Jilin police have arrested a 55-year-old local man, surnamed Cui, suspected of carrying out the attack after an altercation with a foreign national in the park. Cui also injured a Chinese tourist who intervened.

A US state department spokesperson confirmed awareness of the incident and ongoing monitoring. Iowa governor Kim Reynolds expressed her concern and prayers for the victims’ recovery on social media.

Among the victims is David Zabner, a PhD student at Tufts University, who was stabbed in the arm. His brother, Iowa state representative Adam Zabner, confirmed David’s recovery and thanked those who ensured his safety.

On Chinese social media site Zhihu, discussions about the attack remain visible, with some users questioning if anti-foreign sentiment fueled by state media could have influenced the attack.

By Naija247news
By Naija247news
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