“Northern Senators Silent as Oshiomole Sounds Alarm on Politicians Linked to Illegal Gold Mining”


In the face of escalating concerns surrounding illegal gold mining activities in the Northern region, Northern senators have maintained a conspicuous silence. This pressing issue was thrust into the spotlight by Osole, a prominent figure, who underscored the dire consequences of these unlawful operations during a recent address.

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Osole’s assertion was stark: “Right now, illegal gold mining is rampant, and the proceeds are being taken out of the country. This illicit wealth is being used to undermine our political and security systems.” His frustration was palpable as he questioned the silence and inaction of Northern senators, pointing out the significant impact of these activities on their constituencies.

Highlighting the alarming trend, Osole referenced reports during President Buhari’s tenure, revealing the transportation of illegally mined gold via private jets to Dubai for substantial profits. This unbridled exploitation not only strips Nigeria of valuable resources but also fuels insecurity in the North. Osole minced no words in alleging that some politicians benefit from these activities, explaining their reluctance to address the issue.

Despite the deafening silence from Northern representatives, Osole and concerned citizens have rallied for stringent regulations. They argue that the lack of regulatory oversight in gold mining directly correlates with 70-75% of Nigeria’s insecurity. Urging immediate action, Osole stressed the need for comprehensive legislation, including severe penalties for illegal miners, to safeguard national assets and restore order.

Supporting the call for regulation, some senators argue that a well-structured gold industry could significantly boost Nigeria’s revenue and diversify its economy. They advocate for the protection and utilization of the country’s abundant gold resources for the nation’s benefit.

The ongoing Senate debate on a new bill to regulate gold mining underscores these concerns. The proposed legislation aims to establish a legal and institutional framework to manage gold reserves, enhance the country’s currency value, and hedge against inflation. Garnering support from various senators, the bill is seen as a critical step towards stabilizing Nigeria’s economy and bolstering its global economic standing.

In summary, the silence of Northern senators on the issue of illegal gold mining has sparked alarm and criticism. Advocates for change are calling for immediate and robust regulatory measures to combat rampant illegal mining, safeguard national resources, and fortify Nigeria’s economic stability. As Naija247news continues to monitor developments, the urgency for action remains paramount in addressing this pressing issue.

Babatunde Akinsola
Babatunde Akinsolahttps://naija247news.com
Babatunde Akinsola is aNaija247news' Southwest editor. He's based in Lagos and writes on the Yoruba Nation political issues, news and investigative reports

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