North Korea Threatens Retaliation Over South Korea’s Loudspeaker Broadcasts and Leaflets


SEOUL, June 10 (Reuters) – Kim Yo Jong, the influential sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, issued a stark warning to South Korea regarding its resumption of loudspeaker broadcasts and the scattering of leaflets along the border. The warning, made late on Sunday and reported by state news agency KCNA, suggested that continued actions by South Korea would provoke a new response from the North.

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“If the ROK simultaneously carries out the leaflet scattering and loudspeaker broadcasting provocation over the border, it will undoubtedly witness the new counteraction of the DPRK,” Kim Yo Jong stated, using the official acronyms for South and North Korea.

South Korea’s military confirmed the resumption of loudspeaker broadcasts on Sunday as a form of psychological warfare. This move came after North Korea began launching approximately 330 balloons carrying trash and manure into South Korea, with about 80 crossing the border. These actions were reportedly in retaliation for anti-North Korean leaflets sent by South Korean activists.

“This is a prelude to a very dangerous situation,” Kim warned, highlighting the severity of the escalating tensions.

The resumption of broadcasts by South Korea marks a significant shift since the practice was halted in 2018 under an agreement between the leaders of both Koreas. However, relations have deteriorated as North Korea continues to advance its weapons programs.

South Korea’s broadcasts typically include world news, information about democratic and capitalist societies, and popular K-pop music. The broadcasts are designed to reach up to 20 kilometers (12.4 miles) into North Korea.

### Analysis

The current tensions between North and South Korea highlight the fragile and volatile nature of their relationship. The use of psychological warfare tactics, such as loudspeaker broadcasts and leaflet scattering, underscores the ongoing propaganda battle between the two nations.

Kim Yo Jong’s warning reflects North Korea’s low tolerance for what it perceives as provocations. Historically, Pyongyang has reacted aggressively to such actions, which it views as direct threats to its regime stability and propaganda efforts. The resumption of loudspeaker broadcasts, which disseminate information about the outside world, is particularly sensitive for North Korea as it seeks to maintain strict control over information within its borders.

South Korea’s decision to resume broadcasts can be seen as a response to North Korea’s provocations, specifically the balloon launches carrying trash and manure. This tit-for-tat escalation risks further destabilizing the region and could lead to more severe confrontations if not managed carefully.

The strategic use of loudspeakers by South Korea serves not only as a form of retaliation but also as a means to undermine the North Korean regime by exposing its citizens to alternative perspectives and information. However, this tactic also risks provoking military responses, as seen in the past.

In conclusion, the current situation requires careful diplomatic handling to prevent further escalation. Both Koreas need to navigate these provocations cautiously, as the potential for miscalculation and unintended conflict remains high.

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