“Innovative Solutions to Fundamental Needs: African Startups Disrupt Healthcare Access”


In a bid to address fundamental health needs often overlooked, African startups like South Africa’s HearX Group and Ivory Coast’s Lapaire are revolutionizing access to hearing and vision care.

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HearX Group, ranked 10th in this year’s FT/Statista ranking, embarked on a mission to democratize access to hearing tests and aids. By harnessing AI technology, the company transformed traditional audiometers into smartphone applications, making tests more accessible.

However, it wasn’t until they introduced over-the-counter hearing aids, capitalizing on changes in US legislation, that HearX experienced significant breakthroughs. Despite regulatory hurdles and skepticism from hearing specialists, the company recorded $58 million in sales in 2023, signaling a promising trajectory.

Meanwhile, Lapaire, founded by Jérôme Lapaire in Nairobi, adopted a simpler approach to address vision needs. By offering affordable glasses sourced from China, Tunisia, and Japan, Lapaire aimed to make eyewear accessible to underserved communities. However, challenges like currency fluctuations and local perceptions of affordability hindered initial progress.

Despite setbacks, Lapaire Glasses pivoted towards West Africa, where its value proposition resonated more strongly. With 70 retail outlets across six countries and a recent $3 million investment round, Lapaire Glasses demonstrates the potential for scalable impact in addressing basic healthcare needs.

These startups exemplify the ingenuity and resilience of African entrepreneurs in tackling critical health challenges, paving the way for greater accessibility and affordability in healthcare across the continent.

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