Peter Obi’s Camp Refutes Claims of Receiving N850 Million for 2023 Election Campaign


Dr. Yunusa Tanko, the spokesperson for Obi-Datti, has responded to allegations made by Mr. Calistus Okafor regarding funds exchanged between Labour Party’s National Chairman, Julius Abure, and presidential candidate Peter Obi.

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Tanko refuted the claim, stating that Obi did not receive any funds from the party for the 2023 elections, and instead, it was Obi who contributed financially to the party.

He challenged Okafor to provide evidence supporting the allegations against Obi.

Tanko emphasized Obi’s commitment to financial integrity in both his private and public life, highlighting his demand for accountability and transparency from those around him.

Tanko, who was deeply involved in the campaign, asserted that to his knowledge, the party did not provide direct financial support to Obi for campaign activities.

Furthermore, Tanko addressed the ongoing smear campaign against Obi, attributing it to individuals threatened by his growing popularity among Nigerians.

He criticized those diverting attention from pressing national issues such as insecurity and poverty to attack Obi’s character.

Tanko concluded by expressing confidence that Nigeria would overcome its challenges, despite the efforts of detractors, and emphasized the need to focus on addressing the nation’s critical issues rather than engaging in political mudslinging.

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