Nigerian Identity Thief Linked to Attempted Foreclosure of Elvis Presley’s Graceland Estate


An email linked to an attempted foreclosure of Elvis Presley’s famous Graceland estate has been traced back to Nigeria. Sent by a self-proclaimed dark web ringleader and identity thief, the email was addressed to The New York Times, claiming responsibility for the mysterious foreclosure attempt.

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The sender, who identified himself as an identity thief leading a network of criminals across the U.S., stated, “We figure out how to steal. That’s what we do. I had fun figuring this one out and it didn’t succeed very well.” He detailed how his ring preys on vulnerable groups, including the deceased, unsuspecting individuals, and the elderly, particularly targeting residents of Florida and California. The group exploits birth certificates and other documents to gather personal information for their scams.

Their latest target was the estate of Lisa Marie Presley. After her death in January 2023, her daughter, Riley Keough, was named the heir. Months later, Naussany Investments & Private Lending LLC claimed Lisa Marie had borrowed $3.8 million using Graceland as collateral. The company announced plans to foreclose and auction the estate, which led Keough to file a lawsuit alleging the use of fraudulent documents.

Keough’s legal team asserted that Lisa Marie never took out such a loan and that the company was fraudulent, stating, “Lisa Marie Presley did not in fact sign the documents.” A Tennessee judge subsequently blocked the foreclosure sale.

The New York Times noted the email was received in response to a query sent to Naussany’s email address listed in a legal filing. The sender claimed to be based in Nigeria, with the email written in Luganda, a language from Uganda. Despite this, the filing was faxed from a North American toll-free number and included in documents submitted to the Tennessee court handling the case.

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