Ihovbor NIPP and Omotosho NIPP Fail to Generate Electricity Despite Installed Capacities As


As Nigeria’s Power Generation Declines by 8.15% in April 2024

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Port Harcourt — The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) reported that 26 grid-connected power stations across Nigeria generated a total of 2,833 gigawatt hours (GWh) of electricity in April 2024. This marks an 8.15% decline from the 3,083 GWh generated in March 2024.

Despite an installed capacity of 12,199 megawatts (MW), these power plants recorded only a 34% availability factor in April. NERC’s data on the operational performance of power plants revealed that the largest power producers generated 2,374 GWh, accounting for 83.7% of the energy produced in April 2024.

The plants, including Afam IV-V, Sapele ST, Olorunsogo NIPP, Omotosho NIPP, Sapele GT NIPP, Ihovbor NIPP, Geregu NIPP, Omotosho, Olorunsogo, Ibom Power, River NIPP, Omoku, Trans Amadi, Paras, Taopex Energy, Mepp, and Dadin Kowa, collectively generated 480 GWh, or 16.9% of the total energy produced during the month.

Egbin ST and Delta GS were the highest power producers, generating 403 GWh and 300 GWh respectively. Kainji followed with 247 GWh. However, Ihovbor NIPP and Omotosho NIPP produced no electricity, despite having installed capacities of 450 MW and 500 MW respectively.

NERC also disclosed that the average available capacity from these 26 power plants was 4,184 GWh in April 2024.

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