Father Demands Investigation into Daughter’s Suspicious Death After Alleged Suicide in Manchester



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Controversy surrounds the death of 26-year-old Oladapo Alanis, who reportedly died by suicide after jumping in front of a moving train in Manchester, UK, last year. Her father, Mr. Oladapo Ogundipe, claims his daughter was murdered and is calling for Manchester Police to reopen the investigation.

During a press briefing in Ikeja, Ogundipe expressed his suspicions about Alanis’ boyfriend, identified only as Ryan, who he believes has critical information about the circumstances leading to her death. Ogundipe revealed that Alanis died just as she was set to receive £102,000 and that her death occurred less than 24 hours after Ryan allegedly accessed her phone without consent, stealing her bank statements and other sensitive information.

Overcome with emotion, Ogundipe stated, “This month marks a year since her death, and based on the evidence at hand, I have come to a distressing realization regarding the events leading to her passing.”

He recounted how Alanis met Ryan in June 2022 and contracted herpes from him by August. He described how Ryan manipulated and financially controlled her, pretending loans were gifts before demanding repayment.

In May 2023, Alanis was expecting a significant sum of money, but on May 28, Ryan allegedly accessed her phone and stole sensitive information. He then kicked her out of their shared residence without her property or passport, which was necessary for her to collect the funds.

Ogundipe claimed that Ryan admitted to these actions in writing on June 7, 2023. The next day, Alanis reported the psychological attack to her mother, Josephine Dillon. Despite this, Ryan continued his psychological assault, and according to police officers who attended the scene, Alanis received multiple calls from Ryan before her death.

Ogundipe emphasized that Ryan lied in his witness statement on August 15, 2023, after initially admitting his actions. During a coroner’s inquest on May 9, 2024, Ogundipe faced resistance in presenting his evidence, but eventually, his insistence paid off. The lawyer representing his family initially opposed his questions, which aimed to prove Ryan’s unauthorized access to Alanis’ phone.

Ogundipe stated, “I have made allegations of murder and manslaughter against Ryan because he inflicted emotional and psychological injury upon Alanis from August 1, 2022, until May 28, 2023, when he broke into her phone and stole her bank statements and sensitive information, with the intention of blackmailing her until her death on May 29, 2023.”

He believes this was a coordinated effort to manipulate and harm Alanis, ultimately leading to her tragic death. Ogundipe calls on UK authorities to conduct a thorough investigation to ensure justice for his daughter, warning that if police do not investigate, a private legal team will pursue the case, as there is no time limit for prosecuting crimes like murder and manslaughter.

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