EmiLoKan: A Burden Of Electoral Consequences, By Raphael Adebayo


Deciphering Electoral Consequences: Whose Burden?

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In the discourse surrounding electoral consequences, a prevailing narrative emerges, asserting that it’s justifiable to castigate and forsake the masses to the harsh realities of Nigeria’s socio-economic woes. This sentiment, predominantly echoed by dissenters, stems from the belief that a significant portion of the populace, particularly in the South-West and Core-North, contributed to the rise of individuals like Bola Ahmed Tinubu, labeled as a monumental affliction by some. The rationale behind this perspective hinges on holding those complicit in electing such figures accountable for the unfavorable outcomes of their choices.

Yet, delving into the ramifications of electoral decisions necessitates a deeper examination of the underlying premise and contextual nuances. While it’s essential to acknowledge the repercussions of actions, focusing solely on consequences without scrutinizing the broader landscape risks overlooking crucial historical insights. The proponents of electoral consequences must heed a cautionary lesson: their stance might unwittingly ensnare them in a political fallacy.

It’s imperative to recognize that the 2023 general elections, marred by widespread intimidation, electoral violence, and disenfranchisement, weren’t a fair playing field. Manipulative tactics, including falsification of election results, tainted the democratic process. Hence, attributing the outcome solely to the electorate overlooks the systemic manipulation and coercion at play. Moreover, the notion that the masses decisively elected the incumbent president belies the intricate web of electoral malpractice and coercion that clouded the process.

The divisive tactics employed by political figures, exemplified by the EmiLoKan cult’s Igbophobic rhetoric during the elections, underscore a longstanding strategy of sowing discord to maintain control. This “divide and conquer” approach thrives on exploiting latent prejudices and distracting from the true sources of oppression. By diverting attention from systemic injustices, the ruling class perpetuates its dominance while fragmenting potential resistance.

However, the true revolutionary potential lies within the oppressed masses: the workers, peasants, and multidimensionally poor. Despite enduring economic hardships and systemic disenfranchisement, this demographic harbors latent revolutionary fervor. Yet, their consciousness remains clouded by pervasive neoliberal propaganda and ideological deficits.

Bourgeois substitutionism, a tactic employed by the ruling class, seeks to neutralize revolutionary impulses by offering manufactured grievances and distractions. By redirecting blame and perpetuating divisions, the oppressive class evades accountability while undermining collective resistance. Consequently, the revolutionary potential of the masses is stifled, perpetuating the status quo of exploitation and inequality.

In navigating these complexities, it’s crucial to recognize the resilience of the oppressed masses and foster solidarity among them. Only through collective action can the entrenched systems of oppression be dismantled, paving the way for genuine social transformation. As the oppressed awaken to their collective agency, they must transcend divisive narratives and unite in pursuit of a common revolutionary agenda. In this pursuit lies the promise of true emancipation and liberation from the shackles of oppression.

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