Nigeria’s Democarcy can Only Thrive On Devolution of Power to Drive National Development, Gov.Obaseki Reveals


In a recent interview, Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State displayed his characteristic candor, discussing various issues including the nation’s economy, restructuring, and his vision for the state’s future. Hosted by a team from Vanguard newspapers, the governor’s unwavering commitment to truth and progress was evident throughout the conversation.

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Interview Excerpts:

On Economic Realities:
Governor Obaseki highlighted the economic challenges facing Nigeria, particularly exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. He expressed concern over the country’s excessive money printing and emphasized the need for structural reforms to boost revenue generation. Drawing attention to the importance of diversification, he advocated for states to harness their resources for sustainable development.

On Restructuring:
While acknowledging the need for a redesigned governance structure, Governor Obaseki proposed a shift towards devolution of power rather than strict restructuring. He emphasized the importance of every state contributing to the central government while retaining autonomy over local resources and decision-making.

On Governance and Accountability:
Governor Obaseki underscored the importance of accountability in governance, stating his commitment to serving the people rather than personal interests. He discussed his administration’s efforts to improve infrastructure, promote investment, and enhance administrative efficiency in Edo State

On Future Political Aspirations:
When asked about his future political ambitions, Governor Obaseki expressed hesitation about pursuing national office within the current political framework. Instead, he emphasized the need for systemic reform and hinted at a potential role in driving political change.

On Leadership and Unity:
Reflecting on his leadership style, Governor Obaseki stressed the importance of inclusivity and fairness in governance. He recounted his principled stance during past political conflicts and reiterated his commitment to building a united and prosperous Edo State.

On Public Perception
Governor Obaseki cited positive indicators of progress in Edo State, including economic growth and improved security. He emphasized the importance of tangible results in garnering public support and expressed confidence in his administration’s ability to deliver on its promises.

Governor Obaseki’s insights shed light on the complex socio-economic and political landscape of Nigeria, highlighting the need for visionary leadership and structural reform to address pressing challenges and unlock the nation’s full potential.

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