Nigerians ridicule Kogi Governor Ododo for listing cabinet appointments and meetings as achievements.


Amidst widespread ridicule, Kogi State Governor Usman Ododo has presented a list of achievements for his first 100 days in office, including the appointment of cabinet members and various engagements with political stakeholders.

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Divided into categories such as governance, agriculture, education, healthcare, and general information, the list has drawn mockery on social media platforms. Captioned with a pledge to further serve the people of Kogi State, the governor’s list highlights several activities and meetings, triggering backlash from critics.

Among the listed achievements are the announcement of initial appointments, courtesy visits, participation in forums, and initiatives related to security and community policing. Notably, efforts in agriculture encompass land clearance, farmer census, and strategies for crop storage and market access.

On the education front, the governor boasts of paying external examination fees for students and addressing outstanding fees for student associations and youth organizations. Teacher training and deployment initiatives are also emphasized as accomplishments in the education sector.

While Governor Ododo’s list portrays a narrative of progress and commitment, its reception on social media reflects skepticism and ridicule, underscoring the challenges and scrutiny faced by political leaders in Nigeria.

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