WSJ Source: US, Tinubu Administration in-talks to build military drone bases in Nigeria, West African coastlines



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Sources informed Naija247news, a prominent Nigerian commentator recently voiced apprehensions regarding the escalating involvement of foreign militaries in Africa, specifically in the West African region. The commentator, speaking to a global audience, highlighted recent geopolitical dynamics, notably the expulsion of foreign troops from nations like Niger, Mali, and Burkina Faso.

The commentary underscored the significance of African nations asserting their sovereignty and independence, recalling past instances where young African leaders resisted external domination. In particular, attention was drawn to Niger’s decision to expel American forces, questioning the motives behind foreign military deployments in the area.

Drawing from credible reports such as those from the Wall Street Journal, concerns were raised about proposed US drone bases along the West African coast aimed at combating extremist threats. However, reservations were expressed about the potential repercussions of such arrangements on African sovereignty and internal stability.

The commentary also highlighted opposition within Nigeria to hosting foreign military installations, citing historical instances dating back to the country’s post-independence era. Eminent Nigerian figures and civil society groups cautioned against entering into new defense agreements that could compromise national interests and sovereignty.

Amid these developments, the commentator emphasized the urgent need for African governments to prioritize internal development and address pressing issues like infrastructure, education, and healthcare. The broadcast urged African leaders to resist external pressures and focus on empowering their populations for sustainable growth and security.

Concluding the broadcast, the commentator expressed gratitude to viewers and encouraged them to remain informed and engaged. The message ended with a call to action, urging Africans to remain vigilant against encroachments on their sovereignty and to strive towards a prosperous and self-reliant future.

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