Philosopher Foresees A.I. Crafting a New Bible, Sparking Concerns Among Christians”



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As concerns surrounding artificial intelligence (A.I.) grow, Yuval Noah Harari, a renowned professor and philosopher, has ignited a debate by suggesting that A.I. could compose a new Bible in just a few years. Harari, known for his contributions to the World Economic Forum, predicts that A.I. will create a globally accepted religious text, raising alarms among conservatives and Christians who regard the Bible as sacred.

During a recent forum titled “A.I. & The Future of Humanity,” Harari explained how A.I. could generate novel ideas, including religious concepts surpassing those in the Bible. He envisions A.I. establishing unified and “correct” religions by inventing new beliefs deemed more socially acceptable.

Harari’s prediction, however, is not solely speculative; past remarks reveal his skepticism towards the Bible, dismissing it as fiction akin to Harry Potter. He contends that religions are perpetuated myths and compares belief in religious stories to fake news.

While Harari’s forecast has stirred controversy, some see potential for A.I. to serve positive purposes, including aiding in spreading the gospel. Ted Esler, president of Missio Nexus, acknowledges the irreversible impact of A.I. and envisions its myriad applications benefiting Christian ministry. From accelerating Bible translations to facilitating cross-cultural communication, A.I. presents opportunities for advancing the gospel message.

Despite these prospects, Esler emphasizes the importance of ensuring humans remain in control of A.I. technology, with God ultimately guiding its use in ministry endeavors.

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