Godwin Obaseki’s Edo State Govt Abandons Benin-Auchi Road Connecting Eight States, 500 Communities Lament


As the Godwin Obaseki administration draws to a close in Edo State, concerns over the deteriorating state of infrastructure, particularly the Benin Ekpoma/Auchi road, have been raised by a civic technology platform in Nigeria, Monitng.

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Sharing alarming photos of the road on its social media page, Monitng highlighted the dire condition of the Benin Ekpoma/Auchi road, once a vital artery connecting approximately 500 communities across eight states. Now, it has transformed into a perilous death trap, rendering it virtually impassable for motorists.

In a plea directed at relevant authorities, the post emphasized the urgent need for intervention to address the deplorable state of the road. The platform called upon leaders, including Governor Dave Umahi and Governor Godwin Obaseki, to take immediate action to remedy the situation and restore safe passage for commuters.

The sorry state of road infrastructure in Edo State has unfortunately become a grim reality for its residents. Corporate workers now incorporate rubber slippers into their office attire, adapting to navigate through rainwater puddles caused by the dilapidated roads.

Benin City, in particular, bears the brunt of this infrastructure neglect, with potholes so extensive that they seem ingrained into the city’s landscape. Even one of the state’s major thoroughfares, the Benin Bypass, has deteriorated to the point of posing significant risks to motorists.

A firsthand account of traveling on Edo’s roads paints a vivid picture of the perilous conditions faced by commuters. Described as akin to surviving a fall from a great height, navigating Edo’s roads has become an arduous and hazardous endeavor, highlighting the pressing need for comprehensive infrastructure revitalization efforts.

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