Learning Responsibility: A Lesson for Lead British Academy from Regents, By Rajiu Mohammed


In the recent incident involving Lead British Academy in Abuja, where parents recorded and publicized a disciplinary action taken by the school, there’s a stark lesson to be learned from Regents School, particularly from Amsa Waziri Abdulrazaq’s approach to maintaining discipline and accountability.

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Regents School, under the leadership of Amsa Waziri Abdulrazaq, is renowned for its unwavering commitment to discipline where she does not give a damn if you parents are looters, government workers or so called elite of the society, she will send your child and the bystanders packing when caught. Unlike Lead British Academy, where some parents seem more interested in seeking attention and clout.

The incident at Lead British Academy, where parents recorded the disciplining of a bully, highlights a concerning trend in society – the prioritization of sensationalism over genuine concern for the welfare of children. Instead of addressing the root cause of the issue and working towards a solution, some individuals resort to seeking attention and validation through social media.

This behavior not only undermines the authority of educational institutions but also sets a harmful example for children. It’s essential to recognize that children need guidance, support, and understanding, not unnecessary publicity or undue scrutiny.

The act of recording and publicizing disciplinary actions reflects poorly on the values of tarbiya (parenting) in our society. It’s a reminder that, as adults, we have a responsibility to model appropriate behavior and demonstrate respect for authority.

Moving forward, there’s a need for a collective effort to foster a culture of accountability and responsibility. Parents, educators, and government officials must work together to prioritize the well-being and development of our children.

Let us not forget that our ultimate goal is to raise responsible and upright citizens who contribute positively to society, we can strive towards creating a better environment for our children to thrive and grow.

Rajiu Mohammed

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