Nigerian Animated Series “Iwájú” Premieres Globally on Disney+ Celebrating African Storytelling



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After nearly five years of dedicated effort, Kugali Media’s animated series “Iwájú” has made its debut on Disney+, offering audiences worldwide a captivating glimpse into a futuristic Lagos, Nigeria.

A First-of-Its-Kind Collaboration with Disney
Walt Disney Animation Studios recognized “Iwájú” as a pioneering collaboration, highlighting African narratives in a compelling coming-of-age story. All six episodes are now available for streaming on Disney+.

A Vision Realized: Sharing African Stories
Hamid Ibrahim, CEO of Kugali Media, co-founded the company with a mission to share high-quality African stories globally. The development of “Iwájú” marks a significant milestone in this journey.

Embracing Lagos’s “Soul”
“Iwájú” captures the essence of Lagos through authentic storytelling and character portrayal. Nigerian voice actors bring life to the characters, ensuring a genuine representation of Nigerian culture.

Pushing African Representation Forward
While “Iwájú” premiered on Disney+, the show will air on the Disney Channel across Africa starting April 22. Ibrahim hopes the series resonates with viewers of all ages, inspiring perseverance and discovery.

A Platform for African Creativity
In addition to the animated series, “Iwájú” is accompanied by a captivating soundtrack by Nigerian composer Ré Olunuga and a game titled “Disney Iwájú: Rising Chef,” celebrating Nigerian culture and cuisine.

With “Iwájú” airing, Kugali Media looks forward to advancing more African stories, aiming to fund and showcase original narratives from Africa to global audiences.

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