Over 24 Million Nigerian Children Involved in illegal hawking – NBS, ILO


A recent study released on Thursday by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment and the International Labour Organisation (ILO), has shed light on the dire state of child labour in Nigeria. The findings revealed that a staggering 24,673,485 Nigerian children aged 5 to 17 are engaged in various forms of child labour, accounting for 39.2% of this demographic.

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The survey indicated that child labour affects both boys (39.6%) and girls (38.8%) almost equally. Moreover, urban areas harbor 30.0% of child workers, while rural regions bear a higher burden at 44.8%.

Further analysis revealed that 31,756,302 Nigerian children are economically active, with 14,390,353 (22.9%) engaged in hazardous work. The North-West geopolitical zone emerges as the most affected area, with significant numbers of children in hazardous labour conditions.

The study also highlighted regional disparities, with the South-East showing the highest prevalence of child labour at 49.9%, followed closely by the North-East (49.4%), North-Central (43.1%), South-South (43.1%), and South-West (27.5%).

Additionally, the report uncovered correlations between child labour prevalence and household characteristics such as the sex, education level, and income of household heads. Children from female-headed households are more vulnerable to child labour, while those in households with educated heads and higher income quintiles face lower risks.

During the survey presentation, Minister of State for Labour and Employment, Nkweiruka Onyejeocha, emphasized the detrimental impacts of child labour on children’s development, education, and long-term prospects. She highlighted Nigeria’s efforts to combat this menace through policy interventions aligned with international conventions and constitutional provisions.

The Minister underscored ongoing initiatives, including the establishment of national steering committees, policy reviews, and legal frameworks aimed at eliminating child labour and forced labour across Nigeria. She urged concerted efforts to address this global issue and protect the rights and future of Nigerian children.

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