Friendship Turned Sour: Hilda Baci and Ama Reginald’s Falling Out Sparks Rumors


It’s often said that there’s a fine line between love and hate, and for two renowned best friends, celebrity chef Hilda Baci and top influencer Ama Reginald, it seems that line has been crossed. Reports suggest that their once strong bond has deteriorated, leaving them no longer on speaking terms.

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Various reasons have been speculated for the rift between the two, with the most prominent being a rumored boyfriend drama that allegedly drove a wedge between them. It’s said that Ama’s involvement with Hilda’s partner was perceived as a betrayal by the chef.

The rift came to light publicly when popular hair vendor Bo Hair, who was also friends with the duo, called out Ama Reginald for allegedly snatching Hilda Baci away from her some months ago. In an Instagram live session, Bo Hair expressed her disappointment at being sidelined by Ama, who allegedly monopolized her friendship with Hilda.

While Ama Reginald’s sister has come forward to refute claims of her sister’s involvement in any betrayal, stating that the Reginalds are not known for such behavior, she expressed disappointment in Hilda’s silence on the matter, hinting at a sense of betrayal from the chef’s side.

The fallout marks a stark contrast to the once inseparable bond between the two friends, who were frequently seen together on social media and celebrated each other’s birthdays with heartfelt messages of love and support. However, the alleged interference of external factors has seemingly shattered their once idyllic friendship.

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