Financial Challenges Plague Kaduna State: Governor Uba Sani’s Struggle



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In the bustling heart of Kaduna State, where the sun sets on tales of progress and rises on promises unkept, Governor Uba Sani found himself embroiled in a financial saga that threatened to shake the very foundations of governance. As whispers of mismanagement echoed through the corridors of power, a narrative of fiscal distress emerged, painting a grim picture of debts unpaid and projects abandoned.

It began with a headline that sent shockwaves through the state: “N20b loan drains state’s IGR.” The local coffers, once brimming with the promise of prosperity, now lay barren, drained by the insatiable appetite of debt. But this was only the beginning. Reports surfaced of debts owed to contractors, a figure so staggering it threatened to nudge the N280 billion mark. The once-vibrant landscape of development projects now lay dormant, a testament to promises broken and dreams deferred.

Among the casualties of this financial quagmire was the Urban Renewal Project, a beacon of hope for a city in need of revitalization. Despite a $350 million loan drawn down, the project remained uncompleted, a monument to bureaucracy and inefficiency. And then there was the 300-bed hospital, a symbol of health and healing left to crumble in the wake of administrative neglect.

Questions swirled like dust devils in the desert air, each one more pressing than the last. Queries over loans from the Indian Exim Bank, security gadgets purchased with borrowed funds, and the controversial power plant project that hemorrhaged N400 million monthly from FAAC allocations. The once-proud state of Kaduna now found itself mired in a web of financial intrigue, its reputation tarnished, its future uncertain.

Against this backdrop of fiscal turmoil, the February 2024 net revenue figures painted a stark reality. While neighboring states boasted impressive receipts, Kaduna languished near the bottom of the list, its coffers depleted, its prospects dimmed. For Governor Uba Sani, a man with a legacy rooted in service and social activism, the road ahead seemed fraught with challenges. But in the face of adversity, he remained resolute, determined to steer Kaduna State towards brighter horizons, no matter the cost.


1.            N20b loan drains state’s IGR

2.            Debt owed contractors may be nudging N280b

3.            $350m loan drawn down but Urban Renewal Project uncompleted

4.            300-bed hospital abandoned

5.            Questions over $26m borrowed from Indian Exim Bank

6.            Queries over security gadgets for which N3.5b was loan was obtained

7.            State losing N400m monthly from FAAC over controversial power plant project




DELTA                    62,726,865,722.76

RIVER S                 41,658,247,055.93

A/IBOM                 41,606,290,518.74

BAYELSA               37,142,875,811.35

LAGOS                  21,070,628,840.64

KANO                    12,724,734,284.24

ONDO                   12,072,736,123.27

EDO                       11,950,910,617.07

ANAMBRA          10,396,261,076.27

IMO                       9,795,115,981.97

BORNO                   9,763,282,173.99

OYO                       9,342,299,684.83

JIGAWA                   9,105,102,890.44

KATSINA               9,003,147,938.38

ABIA                      8,953,629,616.46

BENUE                  8,948,076,018.89

KEBBI                    8,171,967,687.32

NIGER                   7,996,257,875.96

SOKOTO                7,962,913,755.15

TARABA                7,846,423,978.16

ENUGU                  7,732,981,837.78

YOBE                     7,413,501,855.93

ADAMAWA          7,407,571,945.76

NASSARAWA       7,233,957,548.22

ZAMFARA            7,221,197,711.02

BAUCHI               6,882,308,741.72

PLATEAU          6,759,066,363.69

KOGI                      6,679,232,288.82

KWARA              6,665,254,247.65

EBONYI                6,624,649,099.85

GOMBE               6,490,206,811.51

EKITI                      6,137,152,275.63

OSUN                    5,949,680,572.89

C/RIVER                5,292,989,087.01

OGUN                   5,193,243,133.89

KADUNA               3,697,166,423.39

Grand Total           451,617,927,596.5

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Charles Akpeji
Charles Akpeji
Charles Akpeji has over 20 years experience in journalism and he is Naija247news Taraba Correspondent. He lives and works from Jalingo, the state capital.

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