Nigerians Spent N858 Average Daily Cost for Healthy Diet in January 2024 – NBS


The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) has reported that the average cost of a healthy diet per adult per day stood at N858 in January 2024. Released in Abuja on Saturday, the NBS CoHD report defines the Cost of Healthy Diet (CoHD) as the least expensive combination of locally available items meeting globally consistent food-based dietary guidelines.

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This indicator serves as a measure of physical and economic access to healthy diets, representing the lower bound excluding transportation and meal preparation costs. The computation of CoHD relies on Retail Food Prices, Food Composition Data, and Healthy Diet Standards.

In January 2024, the average CoHD was highest in the South-West at N1,045 per adult per day, followed by the South-East at N986 per day. Conversely, the North-West recorded the lowest average CoHD at N683 per adult per day.

At the state level, Osun, Ekiti, and Ondo had the highest CoHD at N1,090, N1,087, and N1,063, respectively. On the other hand, Katsina and Niger had the lowest costs at N629, followed by Kano and Jigawa at N649 and N676, respectively.

Animal-source foods constituted the most expensive food group recommendation in January 2024, accounting for 38% of the total CoHD while providing 13% of the total calories. Fruits and vegetables were the most expensive food groups in terms of price per calorie, despite contributing only 7% and 5% of total calories.

In contrast, legumes, nuts, and seeds were the least expensive food group, representing six percent of the total cost. Recent trends show that the CoHD has risen faster than general inflation and food inflation, although the CoHD and the food Consumer Price Index (CPI) are not directly comparable.

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