Nigerian Businessman Mohammad Algoni Celebrates Author Ndifreke Ukpong’s Remarkable Literary Achievement


Jan 8,2024.

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Mohammed Algoni, who supports aspiring authors and other talented individuals , visited Ndifreke Ukpong, who wrote 26 books by the age of 26, and complimented him for his amazing achievement. He also advised other talented individuals to overcome challenges and pursue their dreams, and emphasized the importance of mentorship and support in the creative community. Ukpong thanked Algoni for his visit and encouragement, and hoped to inspire other aspiring authors and other talented individuals.

Mohammed Algoni, also known as Mohammed A Terab, is an entrepreneur who supports aspiring authors and others to pursue their dreams. He believes that challenges are unavoidable in any profession, but they can be conquered with perseverance. He says that true legends are those who chase their dreams despite difficulties.

He visited Ndifreke Ukpong in Port Harcourt on January 7, 2024, and praised him for writing 26 books by the age of 26. He remembered their encounter in Kano State in 2020, and admired Ukpong for his love for writing and his courage in overcoming hardships since his childhood. He said that publishing 26 books was an amazing accomplishment, given the difficulty of publishing even one book.

Algoni, who is active in various sectors and famous for fostering talents, applauded Ukpong for his effort and commitment, and said he was glad to see him achieve his ambitious dream. He also advised other aspiring authors and other talented individuals to keep working hard and follow their dreams, and stressed the importance of mentorship and support in the creative community.

Ukpong, the accomplished author, expressed his gratitude for Algoni’s visit and encouragement. He said that the meeting was an acknowledgment of his literary work and a proof of the value of guidance and assistance in the creative field. He hoped that his example would motivate other aspiring authors and other talented individuals to overcome challenges and reach their goals.(

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