An Open Letter to Bibi by Femi Fani-Kayode


My dear Prime Minister Binyamin “Bibi” Netanyahu (@netanyahu),

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I trust this open letter meets you well despite the challenges that both you and your nation are presently facing.

Let me begin by asking you to forgive me for communicating with you through this rather unorthodox medium but I have no other way of reaching you and I fear that a formal, private letter and communication to your office in Tel Aviv may never make it past your Chief of Staff or to your desk.

Such is the gravity of unfolding events in the Middle East and your nation Israel that I am constrained to ensure that you hear some home truths, no matter how bitter, and I hope that your Ambassador to our country Nigeria, His Excellency Mr. Micheal Freeman, together with the numerous operatives, informants and spooks that you have planted here will have the good sense, decency, foresight and courage to intimate you of its contents.

Now to the point.

Your Excellency, permit me to tell you that I have respect for your office but I have no respect for you.

You are the greatest disaster that has befallen your nation since its establishment in 1948 and rather than refer to you as Prime Minister of Israel I will henceforth refer to you as the butcher of our age and the child-slayer of Gaza.

Your killing spree, genocidal binge, murderous disposition, blind rage & unconscionable desire to wipe out, ethnically cleanse and totally exterminate the entire Palestinian race has resulted in the mass murder of 26,000 innocent and defenceless Palestinans (which represents over 1% of the entire population of Gaza), 97 journalists (including Samer Abu Daqqa of Al Jazeera @AJEnglish) and 3 Israeli hostages (whilst they were shirtless, begging for help and waiving a white flag) in Gaza all in just 2 months!

Of the 26,000 Palestinians that have been killed 10,000 of them were children and 6,400 of them were women whilst 20,000 of them were found above the rubble and 6,000 remain below it.

24,000 Palestinian children have lost one or both parents in Israeli attacks, 18,000 have been injured with some in critical condition and 60% of the people of Gaza are facing starvation.

300 Palestinian health workers, 134 staffers of the United Nations and a French Foreign Ministry official have been killed and 1.9 million Gazans have been displaced, hundreds of thousands of them are without food, clean water and shelter and 85% of them have been forced to leave their homes.

288 Palestinians have been killed in the neighbouring occupied West Bank and 4,570 have been detained there since October 7th.

Over 100,000 buildings have been destroyed in Gaza, thousands of refugees have been bombed and butchered in its refugee camps and a Palestinian woman and her daughter were targetted and shot dead in a Church by an Israeli sniper.

The latter is a particularly despicable and heinous crime which Pope Francis has described as an act of “terrorism”.

12,000 bombs and 40,000 TONS of bombs have been dropped on Gaza and half of all its buildings have been totally destroyed whilst the Israeli Airforce says it struck at least 12,000 targets across the besieged Palestinian territory BETWEEN OCTOBER 7 TO NOVEMBER 1 ALONE (only God knows how high that number is today) making it one of the most intense bombing campaigns in recent history.

71% of Gaza’s population are suffering from acute hunger, 98% are suffering from insufficient food consumption and 64% eat grass, fruit and undercooked and expired food stuffs to satisfy their hunger.

As Christmas approaches, Bethlehem, the birthplace of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, is under siege and you have decided to sacrifice and forsake the remaining 130 Israeli hostages that are still with Hamas.

Of a truth, it is only those who do not have children that cannot feel the pain of the Palestinian people.


Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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