Wike Is A Satanic Person, Christians Cannot Be Trusted With Nigeria’s Security – Sheik Gumi


Oct 19,2023.

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Controversial cleric, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi has called out Nyesom Wike, Minister of the Federal Capital Territory. According to him, Wike is a satanic person. He labelled Wike satanic after the Minister received the Israeli Ambassador to Nigeria in his office. The controversial cleric stated this in a video sermon of over 14 minutes posted on his official Facebook page. Gumi in the sermon also asserted that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu would be stopped from serving for eight years if he does not remove Wike as FCT minister. According to the cleric, it is dangerous to entrust Nigeria’s national security to the hands of Christians and Southerners.

The cleric said Muslims appointed into top security positions are only figureheads and not in charge of military command and control. He went on to curse citizens who campaigned assiduously for the Muslim-Muslim ticket as worthless hypocrites and money-mongers who chased dollars for pleasure and worldly purposes. Below is an excerpt of the sermon as translated from Hausa:


“The Minister of the FCT is a Satanic person; I said it before when he was appointed and some people were grumbling. He has gone and brought the Israeli Ambassador, that’s what someone sent and I am yet to watch it. But what is confirmed is he said they will collaborate with the Israelis on Abuja’s security issues. Abuja will now become an extension of Tel Aviv and when they see anyone with a beard like us, they will say it is Bin Laden and we will be killed.


“Where are those that worked for the Muslim-Muslim ticket? Hypocrites and worthless people. Abuja is becoming an extension of Tel Aviv and security is the bastion of the people. Have you not heard the silence? They know what they are doing. One Miyetti Allah leader came and told me that if they come to me with a proposal of negotiation with bandits, I should not be part of it, that I should leave it alone.

“It is a decoy. Muslims are the heads of the Ministry of Defence, of what significance is it? The real people in charge of Command and Control, those holding the guns and shooting, are we the ones? We are not the ones; they are playing us. There is an agenda. All means of money and economic power have been hijacked by them, they are planning to deceive us for four years and get eight years. They will not InshaAllah.

“I want to tell you, there is no way Northerners doing their legitimate business will get one billion naira. Our rich people cannot get anything except those they trust. They only trust them because they are doing what they want. Anyone whose loyalty they are not sure of, they will crush him in a few months.

“They will only come during elections like it is done to spread grains to chickens. If they spread grains to chickens, that’s all. Giving spaghetti to people is the solution, this spaghetti issue is a big deal. We are being cheated in this country and in a real mess.

“There’s one Reverend or Bishop during Buhari’s tenure who was saying to me that Muslims have hijacked power. I told him, ‘Yes and I am okay,’ because I knew the Chief of Army Staff would not attempt to attack me. Even if he will not protect me, he will not collaborate with some people to attack me. Our own people either in the military, police or the Department of State Services (DSS) will not be used to harm me, they will also not harm you who is talking a sa Christian.

“I want you to know the difference. If you give them power, you give them guns, they will strive to harm you. Let me give you examples: Was Sardauna not a Premier? Who killed him? You gave them guns, Nzeogwu killed him. Who killed Murtala (Muhammed)? Dimka from the North. How did Babangida fare? He escaped by whiskers. who wanted to kill him? Gideon Orkar. You give them guns and they will kill you. Once you give them power, that’s all.

“There’s one Aliyu Masruhi from Tanzania, he had said this for long that there’s no society that gives power without conditions. If it becomes inevitable that we will give power, we must ensure for example security is in our hands and other things and he said, do you agree? But how can you surrender power then you go and hide?

“If Israelis enter this country, there will be a clandestine operation against any outspoken Islamic cleric; we have seen the signs. Why was Sheikh Jaafar killed? May his soul rest in peace, why did they kill Sheikh Albany? You can see how they are killing; there’s a hit list and we have known this for long.

“Why am I walking with the police? You didn’t see me with police during Buhari’s government, despite my disagreement with them. It is because of this threat that we applied for police protection and they gave us. Even if the President doesn’t like me, he has to give me police protection or else he will be held responsible for my life.

“For you to understand, they will bring the MOSSAD into our country. Because of this, Tinubu should know that we know their plan, he must choose. He should remove the Minister of Abuja; if not, we will collide with him. On the day of a bath, the navel is not hidden.

“Let me tell you what happened during President (Goodluck) Jonathan’s time. We went to a meeting one day at the DSS headquarters and met one operative who knew my police detail. One day he called us and gave us the number of a Mercedes 4matic. He said he was in the toilet and heard the arrangement of how a hit squad had been assembled to kill Sheikh Gumi.

e must choose. He should remove the Minister of Abuja; if not, we will collide with him. On the day of a bath, the navel is not hidden.

“Let me tell you what happened during President (Goodluck) Jonathan’s time. We went to a meeting one day at the DSS headquarters and met one operative who knew my police detail. One day he called us and gave us the number of a Mercedes 4matic. He said he was in the toilet and heard the arrangement of how a hit squad had been assembled to kill Sheikh Gumi.

“All the killings that happened during Jonathan’s time in Jaji were executed by the military and not Boko Haram. Now have you not known the real Boko Haram? Can Boko Haram plant a bomb in Jaji if not them? General Shuwa was killed despite having soldiers in his house. They went and killed him. They were angry because he fought the civil war. You gave them power and they killed your leaders.

“All the killings perpetrated by Israelis are nothing, but the attack carried out by Hamas is now their nightmare. If any Muslim in Nigeria has ever killed a President in this country, they will have put a ceiling on our people’s military career progression. If they attain the rank of a Captain, they will not be trusted to progress and we will concede. But how about them? They killed our leaders, not one, not two, not three. Once you give them power, they will kill, they will continue to kill our people.

“After the DSS operative leaked the plot to kill me, I quickly informed the police commissioner and also posted on Facebook. He then heard them saying the operation should be called off since it was leaked. They now said the person who leaked it was inside their office. He was arrested and detained for two months and survived by chance. He came to my house after two months and explained all that transpired and how he survived by the grace of God.

“One day during Ramadan fasting, I was working to use a projector, I now put the children in a car to proceed to the mosque before me. After the car left the house, we heard a bomb explosion. I asked that pictures of the scene should be taken. There was an attack by bees there, but two people were killed and they were in chains and had pistols, meaning if the bomb did not kill us, they would use the pistol to finish us. The third person coming from Ungwan Shanu was also killed by the bomb explosion.

“We then continued with our study. Three people were killed. If you remember that time, I thank Governor Ramalan Yero for not stopping the Ramadan study. When I returned home, the correspondents of BBC Hausa and Voice of America met me, saying they went to the scene to get stories and capture the real Boko Haram, but troops had sealed off the scene and forced them to delete the pictures they captured. They told me ‘we are trying to know Boko Haram and we have found Boko Haram in action and you are saying we should delete their pictures’.(www.naija247news.com)

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