Niger Junta leaders reportedly move families to Dubai, Burkina Faso before ECOWAS intervention.


Strong signs suggest that members of the Niger junta have commenced relocating their families to Burkina Faso and Dubai due to the looming threat of invasion from the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). The operation reportedly took place at Agadez Airport a few days ago and involved the use of Gulfstream G550 jets.

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A source familiar with the situation disclosed, “During the night of August 11th to 12th, 2023, the Nigerien junta, led by General Tchiani, evacuated the families of the coup plotters. Multiple Gulfstream G550 aircraft, including flight BFY824R, departed from Agadez Airport to Burkina Faso and Dubai with women and children on board.”

According to the source, “General Tchiani seems to have received intelligence about an impending ECOWAS attack. He’s safeguarding his family while leaving the Nigerien people behind to face certain peril. While protecting his own family, Tchiani is prepared to send soldiers into a fratricidal war.”

“Much like self-centered and authoritarian coup leaders, he’s already misusing state funds for personal gain. At the expense of Niger, he’s sending his family to live lavishly under the Dubai sun. The junta shows no hesitation in setting Niger ablaze while planning an opulent escape to Dubai.”

This development occurs as ECOWAS announces its readiness to intervene militarily in Niger Republic if diplomatic efforts fail to convince the ruling military junta, which ousted President Mohamed Bazoum in a July 26 coup, to restore democracy. ECOWAS Commissioner for Political Affairs, Peace and Security, Abdel-Fatau Musah, revealed this during a meeting of West African defense chiefs in Ghana.

“Rest assured, if all else fails, the brave West African forces are prepared to respond dutifully,” stated Musah. “By any means necessary, constitutional order will be reinstated,” he added.

General Christopher Gwabin Musa, Nigeria’s Chief of Defence Staff, emphasized during the Accra meeting, “Our focus isn’t solely on reacting to events, but on proactively charting a path toward peace and stability.”

This gathering, convened to address Niger’s crisis, followed the August 6 deadline for rebellious soldiers to release and reinstate Bazoum or face military intervention. Bazoum remains under house arrest with his family in Niamey, Niger’s capital.

ECOWAS had deliberated extensively on employing force, considering it a “last resort” after deploying numerous mediation teams to Niamey and facing internal discord.

Burkina Faso and Mali, both of which have witnessed multiple coups since 2020, issued a warning that any military intervention in Niger would be deemed an act of war, revealing divisions between coastal nations and those in the volatile Sahel region.

Guinea, also under military rule, refrained from additional comments but condemned external aggression.

The AU’s Peace and Security Council met to assess whether to support military intervention but hadn’t made its decision public.

The AU’s decision could override military intervention if it deems the continent’s broader stability at risk. If force is rejected, ECOWAS may struggle to claim legal justification.

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