Man Who Claims He’s Jay-Z’s Secret Child, Files Court Order For A DNA Test


There have been many rappers who have been dragged into situations where random people or fans claim to be related to them. However, a 30-year-old New Jersey man is going above and beyond to prove that rapper Jay-Z is his biological father.

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Social media has been reacting to the latest news of Rymir Satterthwaite who has been fighting to prove that Jay-Z – whose real name is Shawn Carter – is his biological father since he was 21 years old. Despite many attempts to get ahold of Jay-Z or his legal team to move forward with DNA testing, he has been unsuccessful. However, now Satterthwaite is taking that battle to the Supreme Court in an attempt to unseal the case and force the “99 Problems” rapper to take it.

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Satterthwaite spoke with the Daily Mail in an exclusive interview and explained that he’ll stop at nothing for the business mogul and Grammy winner to acknowledge his existence, something that he insists is all he wants from him.

While further speaking with the outlet, Satterthwaite alleges that his mother, Wanda, had hooked up with the 53-year-old rapper and entrepreneur back in the 1990s during their on-off relationship… before Jay-Z had become a superstar, the outlet reports. Although Satterthwaite and his late mother had been sticking to that story for years, Jay-Z, who has been married to Beyoncé since 2008, has consistently denied that he is Satterthwaite’s father.

The rapper’s attorneys even said in a letter to Daily Mail, “The allegations have been previously reviewed thoroughly by the courts and have been refuted. I am sure that will be the outcome of whatever filings Mr. Satterthwaite may be currently considering.” Despite that, Satterthwaite is still not giving up and has filed a new motion with the New Jersey Supreme Court. “This is not going to be over until justice is served.”

He went on to say, “I just want to live my life and, when it is all said and done, I hope that Jay-Z would want to be a part of my life, if that is God’s will. “I won’t stop fighting for this until I win. And I will win because the law is on our side,” Satterthwaite added.

Providing more details to the outlet, Satterthwaite noted that he was born in July 1992. At the time the rapper was no longer in a [alleged] relationship with Miss Wanda. When Satterthwaite was eight years old, he says his mother told him that Jay-Z – who by this stage had taken the music world by storm —was his real father.

She insisted that she’d had sex with only two men at the time of his conception, her high school sweetheart and Jay-Z. From there she allegedly requested that a Pennsylvania court make both men take a paternity test in order to determine who was her son’s real father.

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Robert Graves reportedly agreed to undergo genetic testing and that eventually proved he and Satterthwaite had no biological relation. As a result, Robert’s name was removed from Rymir’s birth certificate by the court and has remained blank ever since.

In 2011, Wanda filed a civil lawsuit in N.J. seeking child support from the rapper. However, that lawsuit was ultimately dismissed because it was filed in the wrong state… and was never re-filed.

Although Satterthwaite has gone to great lengths and had a bunch of obstacles, he is willing to put up a big fight as he’s confident things will eventually go in his favor.

Meanwhile, Jay-Z who shares three children with superstar Beyonce: Blue Ivy, 11, and twins Rumi, and Sir, 5, has not personally spoken out about the claims.

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