Titan Trust Bank mandatorily takes over Union Bank

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The Union Bank Mandatory Takeover (MTO) prospectus and the Acceptance form are to be completed by UBN Bank shareholders who intend to sell their holdings to Titan Trust Bank at the Exchanged agreed price of N7 per share. This is a premium of N1.05 to UBN’s closing price of N5.95 as of today.

Qualified shareholders are advised to properly study the documents for details of this Offer.
Kindly click on the link to download the MTO Form.

The deadline for submission of the form to the Registrars is November 23, 2022.
On successful completion of this Mandatory Takeover Offer, UBN shares will no longer be traded on the Floor of the Nigerian Exchange Limited because it would be delisted. You are free to revert to us or to the Registrars (CardinalStone Registrars Limited) if you require further clarification on this.