Nigeria needs prayer, healing – Overseer

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By Bridget Ikyado
Abuja, Sept. 4, 2022 Rev. Etietop Hanson, Presiding Overseer, Overcoming Word Assembly, Worldwide, says Nigeria needs prayers and healing to overcome the challenges in the country.
Hanson said in an interview with newsmen on Sunday in Abuja that Nigerians must be steadfast and fervent in prayers for God’s manifestation in the country.
He particularly advised Christians to work for the coming of Christ through not just prayers, but also service to humanity.
The Overseer pointed out that Christians were not only to preach the Gospel, but also pray to liberate humanity from the shackles of Satan and sins.
“Our duties today are to be a disciple and disciple others, build the Church, build relationships, burn intercessory oil until revival comes.
“We are to build our spiritual gifts and defeat our enemies in style and save humanity; be faithful in financial matters and in all things,” he added.
Hanson listed the features leaders and God’s children should have before Christ’s coming.
These he said include repentance and restitution in all honesty, restoration, renewal, revival for healing and righteous lifestyles in words, deeds and thoughts.
Other features are resounding truth in services, finances and responsibilities, as well as loyalty to God and man.
“In the world of deceptions, wickedness, disloyalty, betrayals, revenge, oppression and more, God is looking for honest christ-like children of His to sweeten the sour world and brighten corners they occupy, for these are rapture candidates”, he added.
Hanson warned Christians to prepare for the second coming of Jesus, saying though “men doubt about this fact because of the length of time it has been, it can’t change it’s certainty”.
Quoting Peter 3: 3-14, “Jesus is certainly coming back again”, the Overseer, however, reminded Christians that prophecies and signs of His coming would include falsehood and deceptions.
He added that there would be increase in sin and crime, wars, crises and troubles in nations, as well as persecution and gospel attacks.
“We have never had any worse situation than we have now in history.
“Criminality, increase in kidnapping, selling, eating organs and harvesting and killing for ritual purposes, fame, victory etc by fellow humans.
“While we have native doctors, marine priests and Wizards opening churches, ” he said.
The clergy stressed that Jesus would come to save the world from damnation, take the bride away, judge the wicked and unjust and set up His Kingdom on earth.
He added that Jesus would fulfill the coming and the provision of the new heaven and earth.
The Overseer, therefore, appealed to Christians and all Nigerians to always pray, so as not to fall victims of the signs of end time.