Femi Kuti debunks reports that he called Obi’s supporters ‘Zombies’

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Femi Kuti, Afrobeat singer and son of Music legend, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, has refuted claims that he endorsed President Muhammadu Buhari when he was contesting for election in 2015.

It all began when a netizen, alleged that the ace musician threw his weight behind Buhari when he was seeking to become the president.

The internet user went on to say there are indications that Femi will support Tinubu for the same position in the upcoming 2023 presidential election.

The tweep identified as @McAnthony wrote: “Femi Kuti endorsed Buhari in 2015, I won’t be surprised if he supports batshit. He does not matter in the scheme of things.

“Baba you welcomed Osinbajo to your house.”

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    Reacting to the allegations, the 60-year-old described it as a ‘fabricated lie’ and wondered why people come up with unsubstantiated claims.

He, however, admitted that Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo approached him to campaign for Buhari in 2015, but added that he rejected the offer.

Screenshot_2022-08-12-16-58-00-94_99c04817c0de5652397fc8b56c3b3817 Femi Kuti denies endorsing Buhari, refutes calling Obi’s supporters ‘Zombies’
“How you all come up with fabricated lies beats me.

“But why all the lies? You heard me endorse him or ever anyone? Thank goodness the video is on YouTube.

“To be clear, Osinbajo came to my house to ask me to join their campaign and I told him no, rumours started to spread that I supported them.

“When he came in front of the crowd was my opportunity to clear it. Go and watch and come back.” he tweeted

Meanwhile, Femi Kuti has said he never labelled supporters of Peter Obi, presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP), zombies as reported.

He was quoted to have made the comment during a performance at the Shrine on Thursday night in Lagos, drawing a comparison between them and ‘Zombie’, the studio album released in 1976 by his late father.

“You know what obedience means? Stand up, sit down, sit there — zombie. How can you be Obidient in this chaos? I am not Obidient,” Mr Kuti allegedly said.

But reacting via his Twitter page a day later, the musician said his words were taken out of context.

Femi said he only expressed his reservation with the term “Obidient”, adding that he is not against Obi’s presidential ambition.

“You are such liars. Of what benefit is it to the people when you take my words out of context like this? I said I’m too angry at my age to be obedient,”

“Expressing I do not like the ‘term’ But if Peter Obi wins and actually changes the country, better for all of us.” he wrote.