Fulanization – The Only Thing That Ties Nigerians To Fulani Is The 1999 Constitution, A Forgery, By Ndidi Uwechue

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Today, Buhari a Fulani, backed by a Fulani-majority Central Government, has the following three ways to bring on Fulanization, in descending order of priority:
Fulanization means turning all the natural resources, all the surface and ground waters, all the lands, and all government into the hands of Fulani, immigrant settlers in the space called “Nigeria”. With all the blood-shedding and proposed anti-Nigerians Bills, the expansionist agenda of the Fulani is no longer in doubt. In fact, that desire had never left them. Since the Fulani came into what was to become Nigeria, their desire has been to displace, and destroy indigenous peoples, then take over their ancestral lands.

In the “Amalgamation Of Nigeria – A Documentary Record” (link below), we learn that Frederick Lugard had been frightened of Fulani starting a Jihad, so he regularly had to pacify their leaders with money that came from the South. A few months before Independence, Ahmadu Bello the Sardauna of the Fulani and Premier of the North, had said, “I too, after conquering the South, will also divide Nigeria into two, to be taken charge of by two of my lieutenants.” (Sunday Express, 20th December 1959). Bello was referring to his ancestor Usman dan Fodio who had shared out the land he had conquered between his brother, Abdullahi, and his son, Muhammad Bello. Yet again, twelve days after independence the same Bello, made his infamous (and racist) Declaration that the “new nation called Nigeria” would be “ruthlessly” turned into an estate of the Fulani, where indigenous peoples would be conquered and not be able to control their future.

Today, Buhari a Fulani, backed by a Fulani-majority Central Government, has the following three ways to bring on Fulanization, in descending order of priority:

A) Fulanization by Jihad and terrorism (ethnic cleansing) – carried out by armed Fulani jointly with Islamic terrorists introduced into the Nigerian space for this purpose. The “farmer-herders clashes” narrative never made any sense, and has now been completely debunked.

A well-researched document is the PSJ-UK and ICON 2020 Report, “Nigeria’s Silent Slaughter: Genocide in Nigeria and the Implications for the International Community”. Quoting from the Executive Summary of this Report: “…Citizens of the Christian faith in parts of the North and Middle-belt particularly face persecution and daily violence. Instead of taking action to stop the violence, the country’s own government has stood by idly as the blood of innocent Nigerian people has been spilled at the hands of the extremists, Islamist terrorists of Boko Haram, and some Fulani Militants.

As a result, Nigeria and the Lake Chad region have been transformed into an epicenter of terrorist activities and a ticking time bomb. …[we] presents carefully researched and documented data and analysis that makes a prima facie case for the religious persecution and genocide that is occurring in Nigeria… …The full report is far more detailed and paints a very full and troubling picture of the atrocities taking place. The facts speak for themselves: they serve as evidence that genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity have been and continue to be committed. The Nigerian government has not demonstrated sufficient willingness or ability to deal with the crises; hence the atrocities have persisted and proliferated. By failing to take action, the Nigerian State is perpetuating the issue. Every day without decisive action, more lives are being lost, thereby inching the country’s destination closer to another Yugoslavia, Rwanda, Darfur, and Myanmar…”

Thus, outright slaughter of Nigerians for land grab is Option A of Fulanization. Late Obadiah Mailafia revealed in his viral radio interview of August 2020 that there is an agenda to increase the terrorism and insecurity to civil war-like conditions “by 2022”, so that those in power ie the Fulani, could retain it. That brings us to Option B.

B) Fulanization by Martial Law

In a leaked memo of June 2021, Malami a Fulani serving as Minister for Justice and Attorney-General, advised Buhari to take on Martial Powers. It means replacing civilian rule with military control where the military commander would normally have the powe to make and enforce laws. It means that INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS WOULD BE SUSPENDED! (Those with money in banks should stop and consider what might happen to those riches). Consider also that Buhari’s government has allegedly recruited “repentant” and “rehabilitated” terrorists into the Nigerian military, plus under the guise of setting up ranches on military land, the Army is reportedly giving accommodation to “Fulani herdsmen”, judged the world’s fourth deadliest terrorists. That is not all, Nigeria’s porous borders were thrown open for fighting-age Fulani from all over Africa to come in, and there continues to be reports of such people

being hidden in trucks (those belonging to Dangote, a Fulani, have been mentioned as being used), and taken to forests throughout the South and Middle Belt. It is therefore easy to see how, the Martial Law route would bring instant and full-on Fulanization on every side.

C) Fulanization by Elections 2023

Elections 2023 is the third option and it has TWO clear purposes. 1) To BUY TIME for options A and B above, by distracting Nigerians into thinking that elections under a Fulani-controlled INEC could ever bring them whatever undefined “change!” they are seeking in the rush for voter’s card (PVC). In the seven months before those Elections 2023, or ten months to handover in May 2023, the Fulani invasion would then get all this time to continue.

2) All the power of the Caliphate comes from the sham 1999 Constitution. That Document is also the “Entry Visa” for Fulani into the ancestral lands of the ethnic nationalities of the South and Middle Belt. Should Elections 2023 hold, Nigerians would be helping the Fulani to renew the life of that 1999 Constitution, since whoever Fulani-controlled INEC declares winner, would swear an Oath of Office to uphold, defend, and govern by that 1999 Constitution, thereby, renewing its life.

Nigerians should understand, that the only thing that ties indigenous peoples of the South and Middle Belt to the Fulani is that forgery called the 1999 Constitution: nothing else but that make-believe Constitution. Therefore, TAKING DOWN the 1999 Constitution stops the Fulani conquest onslaught, and contains the Islamic terrorism. Since the NINAS Movement has already REPUDIATED that 1999 Constitution via Solemn Assemblies, enforced by the Constitutional Force Majeure Declared on 16th December 2020, the journey to Elections 2023 under that Constitution should be suspended so that using international law processes, there would instead be Transitioning, ie Transitional Government where indigenous Ethnic Nations would carry out UN-supervised multi-Regional Referendums that would resolve the longstanding Union dispute by democratically deciding what kind of political Union(s) there would be, going forward.

“Amalgamation Of Nigeria – A Documentary Record” (excerpt)

Link: https://www.ninasvoice.org/the-amalgamation-of-nigeria

Ndidi Uwechue is a British citizen with Igbo heritage from the Lower Niger Bloc. She is a retired Metropolitan (London) Police Officer, she is a signatory to the Constitutional Force Majeure, and she writes from Abuja.