Court gives tenant 3 months to vacate apartment for causing nuisance


By Mujidat Oyewole

Ilorin, May 26, 2022 An Upper Area Court in Ilorin has ordered a tenant, Lilian Williams to vacate her rented apartment for causing trouble in the neighborhood.

The presiding Judge, Moshood Ajibade, made the order after the complainant, Mrs Oyerinde Muhammad, reported that the tenant had been fighting with different people in the neighborhood.

The complainant told the court that she had never given her house to unmarried tenant, to avoid unnecessary issues like the one in question.

“She told me that she was getting married in few months after entering my house and has stayed for one year but not yet married.

“The major problem is that people are always complaining about her in the neighborhood for causing trouble.

“The last fight she had with an elderly woman, landed the woman in the hospital unconscious.

“I am tired of the complaints I received about her. I want her to leave my house in two months time because her rent expired since April,” she said.

The tenant said that she was to do introduction with her boyfriend, but there was change of plans, adding that most of the issues that happened in the house were not her fault.

She agreed to vacate the house, but wants the landlady to give her five months to secure another apartment.

The court ruled that the tenant should vacate apartment on or before August 31 and pay all her rent arrears.

The tenant should also handover the keys of the apartment to the landlady personally and write an affidavit of good conduct to the court.