LASUSTECH agribusiness starts tomato plantation for Ikorodu community


By Oluwakemi Oladipo
Lagos, May 13, 2022 The Agricbusiness Committee of Lagos State University of Science and Technology (LASUSTECH), Ikorodu has started hectares of irrigated tomato plantation to meet the demands of the university’s community.

Mr Olanrewaju Kuye, Director, Public Relations Officer, LASUSTECH, said this in a statement on Friday in Lagos.

Kuye said the tomato plantation was near maturity and products from it would be enough to meet the demand of the community in particular and Ikorodu markets at large.

“A yield of up to 50 tons tomato, which is equivalent to 200 baskets, is expected from the irrigated farm.

” To ensure continuity, tomato seedlings are being raised in the nursery awaiting transplanting, to take over from the fruiting ones.

“Averagely, an estimated yield of about 50 and 70 tons of tomato fruits is expected from the plantation,” he said.

Kuye added that the agribusiness committee would also be cultivating maize this year.

“Ten hectares of land has been earmarked in readiness for the early season maize and cassava production,” he said.