5 ships carrying frozen fish, others expected at Lagos ports


By Chiazo Ogbolu

Lagos, May 12, 2022 The Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) on Thursday, said out of the 21 ships expected to arrive at Lagos ports, five were carrying frozen fish.

It said the remaining 16 ships were carrying general cargo, bulk sugar, container, butane gas, petrol, bulk gypsum, jet fuel and automobile gasoline.

The NPA said the ships were expected to arrive at the ports from May 12 to May 26.

The authority said 12 other ships had arrived at the ports and waiting to berth with bulk sugar, bulk salt, bulk wheat, bulk fertiliser, petrol and base oil.

It also said 19 other ships were at the ports discharging bulk wheat, general cargo, frozen fish, bulk salt, ethanol, bulk sugar, container and petrol.