Expert urges Nigerians to sustain, protect environment

Lagos, Nigeria: Rainy season in African city - everyday traffic in flooded market streets in city center.

By Mercy Omoike

Lagos, April 14, 2022 (NAN) An environmental sustainability expert, Dr Eugene Itua, has called on Nigerians to be accountable for the sustainable and protection of the environment.

Itua, the Chief Executive Officer of Nature Eco Capital, made the call during the ongoing Nestlé Media training for Journalists via Zoom meeting on Thursday in Lagos.

In a lecture tagged: ”Environmental Stewardship: Exploring the impact of Plastic Pollution”, the expert urged Nigerians to play responsible roles in protecting the environment from climate change effects.

”There is the need to be environmental stewards. All of us are stewards of the environment, We must work to conserve and preserve the environment.

“Environmental stewardship involves the diverse actions we take that aim to conserve, protect and create a sustainable environment.

“It is about being responsible and caring for the natural environment in the best way we possible.

“ The aims of environmental stewardship includes conservation of wildlife (biodiversity), maintenance of quality of the landscape and general protection of our historic environment,” he said.

Itua said that other objectives include: the restoration of the ecosystems, environmental conservation, protection of endangered species, improving resource sustainability and awareness creation.

He said that environmental stewards fall into three categories – benefactors, doers and practitioners.

He added that a person could give toward environmental protection, engage in advocacy and take practical steps in preservation of the environment.