FindCenter: An Unparalleled Equal Life Resources for Neurodivergents


(New York, NY–Mar 30, 2022) FindCenter (, the world’s largest, most diverse, and usable repository of wisdom, announces the launch of a new section of its site for those who identify as neurodivergent or neurodiverse (

“Our goal is to make the best content easily available, for free, to anyone who is facing challenging life situations,” says longtime tech entrepreneur and FindCenter CEO Neal Goldman. Caroline Pincus, FindCenter’s Director of Content, adds, “People who don’t fit into the narrow box marked ‘normal’ often struggle with connecting with others–as friends, employers, dating or life partners–and can have a hard time finding jobs and getting good services and proper support. Rates of loneliness and anxiety/depression are especially high among those who are neurodivergent and their self-confidence can really suffer. That’s why FindCenter created this new space: to provide access to the best online resources specifically addressing the emotional and social well-being of the millions of folks on the autism spectrum or who otherwise break the mold. And the site is 100% free to use.”

At this new section of the site, visitors will find links to a 100% human-curated collection of podcasts, articles, videos, books, and more on subjects like sex and intimacy, interpersonal communication, learning styles, parenting, self-acceptance, belonging and community, social presence, body image, confidence, and dozens more–all through the lens of neurodiversity.

No more searching for hours and days and weeks to find what you’re looking for. We have done the work and organized the content to make it findable, accessible, and easy to filter by type (podcasts, videos, etc.).

We have curated similar resources for other core life identities, including athlete, mother, creative, LGBTQIA, living with cancer, caregiver, entrepreneur, veteran, college student, and person of color, with many more planned.

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