Okebata: How Nigerian Army Burnt My House And Killed My Wife In Izombe


In the video below, Sunday Okebata, an indigene of Izombe, Oguta LGA, Imo State, narrated to BBC Igbo how the Nigerian Army burnt his home and caused the death of his wife, Faith Inung Okebata, during the mayhem that engulfed Izombe last month.

According to him, he was at work on Friday 8th October 2021 when he got a call from his wife that an argument between some Izombe youths and some Soldiers led to the Soldiers shooting dead one of the youths. Other youths immediately apprehended the Soldiers, disarmed them, and lynched them. When reinforcement Soldiers arrived and saw their comrades dead, they went on a rampage destroying lives and property in Izombe

Okebata said his wife would later tell him that Soldiers invaded their home where his wife, two kids and mother, who was down with stroke, were, and threatened to kill them at gunpoint if they did not provide the youths. When his wife and mother pleaded that they dont know where the youths were, the Soldiers set the house alight and left

It was in the process of his wife trying to get the children and his mother, who cannot move unaided due to stroke, out of the burning house, that she got badly burnt.

He said that he managed to move his wife to a Hospital in Owerri that night and the Doctor told him that she had suffered 41% burns and her lungs were also affected.

His wife would later die in his arms. Sunday Okebata is crying for justice